What Is Smart Really?

Dear Friends and Family who will read this.

This week was solid.  So starting with Monday, I received tender mercies.  First it rained, second, we got fed, we got a ride to the store through the rain, I saved some money, was able to budget well, etc. Tuesday was cool we walked over the like municipal building and looked out over the Green Puerto Rico and peeked at the ocean.

I have thought before that there are people in the world who are considered “so smart!” but guess what? They still live under Eternal law.  So what is smart really? Obedience to the supreme creator. That is was smart really is. You don’t need college or Phd’s to be smart. But don’t misunderstand, education is great. But ” hearkening to the counsels of God” is smarter.

Okay so Wednesday we had the power go out but it didn’t really effect me too much, we left for Zone Conference and when we got back it was back on.  I got to stand up and nervously recite ” Nuestro Proposito como misioneros es….. and then again in English.  I also got to sing in the musical number and the Spirit was so strong.  I made my first phone call to an investigator on Thursday and even though it was in English I couldn’t hear through the cell phone and roughly threw together and appointment that didn’t end up happening.

I have prayed and been filled with love for some of these people.  It is so fun being around some of the people who we are working with especially Reynold who is so funny but all he really cares about is Super Smash Brothers.  Friday was a good day turned bad.  My companion made a good point that we missionaries all have the same calling, full-time missionaries. So why criticize and tell others how to fulfill their calling. You don’t really see a Deacon’s quorum president telling a Bishop how to be Bishop do you? I just liked it cause sometimes missionaries like to tell other missionaries how to do their work or whatever.

Anyways, so we walked a lot on friday but then the day was turned good because we had a less active lesson that night and it turned the day around for me even though it wasn’t even that bad.  I realized that sometimes you need to just say, ” well today isn’t good” and just laugh it off there will be better days. Not to mention that I used the Subjunctive correctly in the lesson and it was finna and sweet and awesome!

I’ll tell you that their are an multitude of satelite dishes here.  I’m grateful for the Book of Mormon.  It is really a blessing for Americans or really anyone everywhere to have that book to see What not to do and what to do.  We can really learn as nations, what we need to do so that we don’t you know wipe ourselves off the face of the planet.  It was a good week.

Elder Glazier

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