Janira to be Baptized

Hello my fellow brothers and sisters.  How are you all doing? I hope you are finding peace and joy in your lives because there is no reason you shouldn’t have that! So last week I don’t think I had my head screwed on just right as I completely forgot to tell you some cool things about this place.  First of all my area is named Levittown, located just west of San Juan.  There are five Zones/Stakes here in Puerto Rico. There is the San Juan Zone, the Caguas Zone, the Ponce Zone, the Mayaguez Zone and the Toa Baja Zone which is mine.  The beach is not very far.  The houses here have a lot of bars with locks on them, like there will be a locked almost jail door in front of the main door to houses so knocking on doors is not very common.  To contact, you simply say/yell/loud voice thing, ” Buenas Tardes, Buenas, Buena, Buena Tarde etc.” There is a multitude of dogs here.  Also many speed bumps in the residential areas but not on the fast roads.  They cut off the “s” on the endings of words. So vamo, ma, do, for vamos mas, or dos.  They still use “s” in the middle of words so estamos actually could be estamo.  There is a hurricane supposedly coming and I hope it’s a crossfire hurricane so that I can more honestly sing Jumping Jack Flash if you know what I mean (Laurence, and whoever would hear me sing that I was born in a crossfire hurricane).

 This week was better than the first which was how my MTC experience was.  We put Baptismal dates with three people. Janira and her daughter Paola and then Laica.  I was blessed to be able to invite Janira to be Baptized.  It was really cool.  I realized this week that the Gospel requires people to change their lives and to stop doing things that otherwise mean nothing or have very little consequence or significance in the world outside the church.  But the Gospel is true and that is why people make those changes in their life.
My Spanish is slowly improving.  I think I am comprehending more as the time moves along.  I felt more confident contacting yesterday.  We get fed a good amount here.  Usually it is beans and rice, some meat, and maybe some Tostones which I like.  They are fried plantains.  Also, we have come across so many English speakers. You don’t find out thought until later in the conversations sometimes. The conversation will start in Spanish then the person will just say something in English.  I think that a lot of the people have some connection to New York.  Apparently 3. somthing million Puerto Ricans live on the Island then 4. something live in the states or outside.  One guy had like lived in the Bronx.  We have been working with a boy named Angelo too.  He likes Baseball and we need to help teach his parents too.
I really enjoy personal study.  It gives me an opportunity to feel the Spirit testify of the scriptures.  The scriptures are so cool. I read them and sometimes it just makes me happy and changes my mood.  Speaking of changing the mood one thing I’m learning and trying to find a good balance with is being happy and excited while still keeping a humble missionary desire and lifestyle.  What I mean by that is there are so many suggestions and rules and important things for missionaries to do that it is easy to focus on what am I not doing right or what rule am I struggling with etc. I want to be as obedient as possible but I think there is a balance that has to be made between being obedient and also keeping your smile and countenance bright.  The reason I’m saying all this is that I have felt a little feeling maybe that when I’m just beaming that Elder Glazier smile, the smile like as if someone just told me Sugar was on the radio or I get Churrasco for dinner, I feel like that smile and when I’m that happy can influence people.  But it’s hard to balance. I’ve had some great talks with my companion about it but it’s just I want to be obedient but I also want to be happy. But I just felt like I was impacting the people in a good way on Monday night when I had a big smile and was just happy.  But it was a solid week.  Make sure that you never eat cran apples past the lugnutting expiration date!!!!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Glazier

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