Feelin’ Like Rocky Balboa

Well, we walked over to the Church a few minutes ago in a rain storm.  Monday night at Noche De Hogar (Family Home Evening) I got a couple of ties.  The lesson was on Family Home Evening from the April Ensign of this year.  I felt the Spirit and I know families are ordained of God.  Out here on my mission I get little moments when the Spirit testifies of truths that I am either hearing or teaching and It is awesome.

    On Tuesday we had our District meeting and I finally felt like myself.  I was understanding the Spanish, participating and I even helped this guy load some things into his truck.  We talked about the worth of souls and how when we are happy when people accept the Gospel is not nearly as happy as how our Heavenly Father feels when his precious souls accept the Gospel.  I also love seeing the paintings of the Church.  I like the one where Christ is appearing to the Nephites and I also like the painting of Christ ordaining the Twelve.  It’s cool how Paintings can evening bring the Spirit.

Another good thought is that we have a Heavenly Father who really listens and really cares.  That was when we were listening to a Talk by Elder Ballard and  he talked about fathers really listening to their sons. But how much does our Heavenly Father listen? A LOT.  He really does answer prayers.  On Tuesday night we have mutual.  This week we went to Sign Language class and I learned something. If you doubt your second language skills or or are not too confident, try learning a third! You all of the sudden feel like Rocky Balboa and a champ! I just wanted to put Rocky in here but the point is after learning a tiny bit of sign language, It boosted my Spanish Confidence!

During the class, a thunder storm was occurring and let me just type that thunder is so powerful.  It’s booming and I was like wow, thunder is cool but kind of scary.  It was also someone’s birthday and they sung the birthday song but I don’t know it.  We talked with a lady this week and it was very nice to sit on a comfortable couch, with air conditioning and have orange juice served to us in goblets.  At a different person’s home, some less actives we ate dinner on Tuesday night.  The lesson was about Mosiah Chapter 24 and how the Lord strengthened the people and made it so the burden wasn’t felt. The burden wasn’t taken away.  Elder Jacob, the Zone Leader who we live with then gave her a blessing and I was able to participate.  It’s always important for me and all other Priesthood holders to be ” ready and worthy” just like Elder Holland says in ” Sanctify yourselves” which is a little Mormon message. But we just never know when we will be called upon to call down blessings from Heaven.


On a different note, I tried a soda here called Malta this week and it wasn’t good, wasn’t bad.  It tasted like Horehound and it’s like a barley drink.  We also terminated several Cockroaches in our apartment.  I don’t like things like Cockroaches.  They are annoying and don’t contribute to society very much.  I’m learning how to actually cook some things.  My companion and I have Chicken with rice and beans or with pasta, often.  The same lady we gave a blessing to has a room completely decked out in Coke items.  Coke clocks, Santas, cans, trains, plates, hats, I don’t even know just all kinds of Coke things.

     Saturday it rained a little too.  I thought we received kind of a tender mercy cause my companion was talking with this guy then it started raining and he let us in to the garage and we talked while it rained.  He ended up taking the Book of Mormon and so I just thought that it was a blessing that we had the opportunity to talk while it rained and stay dry. Fast and Testimony meeting was fabulous.  It was probably one of the most active I’ve seen ever! There was lots of caring and help as I saw a member of the Bishopric help sisters climb to get up on the stand, as an emotional sister had others giving her paper towels and kleenex it was great.  So the track next to our apartment really gets used at night time mostly. People go to exercise. A night this week there was a group of people doing Zumba for those of you who know what that is.  We have Zone Conference this week.  And I hope you enjoyed this past weekend watching college football open up.  Till next week!

 Elder GlazierDSC_0202

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