I knew I could I knew I could”

It’s over! This week we found some people but had two people in church. So that was good. a member bought me steak lunch on Tuesday.  Let’s just kind of cut to the chase. I have been blessed immensely. Thank you first of all for your prayers and support in any other ways. But more thanks should be given to my Heavenly Father who has carried me through these last two years. Words can’t describe the profound blessings of serving as a missionary.  As Elder Murray one of the Stars in the district says ” I’ve tried to describe the mission but I found myself saying cliche things.” Well that is a good way to describe the mission because what people say how it’s worth it, it’s hard, it’s fulfilling, it’s all true!  But wow. I can’t believe it’s over. But as Elder Bednar and my Father have said it’s not really only about doing missionary work here it’s about BECOMING a missionary. So I should continue to always invite others to come to Christ.

 I have learned a lot. I have been blessed a lot. All I can really say is thanks to my family and friends and my Heavenly Father and My Savior. But I think an appropriate way to end this is after two years of living: ” I think I can I think I can.” Now the phrase is ” I knew I could I knew I could”

Elder Glazier

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