Being Better Teachers

 Well, yeah.  This week we had Zone Conference and I got a haircut. We did some service we found 9 new people and stuff like that.  I am finishing my mission.  What an experience.  I learned some stuff at Zone Conference but it’s in my notebook not my mind. I ate firehouse subs for lunch. Yesterday was Sunday.  What should I put in this email? I guess I can just say that it was a good week and we found some people. Hey just remembered something I can put in here. We were contacting and we had already beat our goal so we had temptation to get smoothies and I was actually fired up and in a working mood so I said nah, we will contact this street if it’s dead we’ll go if not we can keep going.  So we went and ended up finding Carmen’s brother. Carmen is an investigator who we have taught almost everything and who has come to church many times. So that was cool.  I learned more this week about being better teachers. Actually that was President Boucher’s theme in Zone Conference but also I was trying to ask better questions as I taught. We found this lady named Violeta and did how to begin teaching which was good. I felt good at least. You feel better when you are trying to feel for what the person needs and asking them questions.  Anyways love.

Elder Glazier

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