” I’m crazy for one of your bibles”

Hello again. This week we stepped up in finding but didn’t put dates. Once again I see that when you improve in something something else goes neglected. But that’s why we can always try right?  This week we had some good experiences. We went to this neighborhood to contact and I saw someone pull into the driveway for the second time I had seen that and I said well this time I am not passing it up. So we went and taught a little to this guy named Christian who is 21.  A few months back Elder Anderson told us to find young people and I don’t know what it is but we just have been having good blessings in finding young people in regular neighborhoods. We met 4 new young people this week just out walking around in regular neighborhoods. So that was great. We had an activity this week playing volleyball. It was the monthly ward mission night. Before we played we did a spiritual message focused on the apostasy and restoration. It was the idea of the ward mission leader but what we did was took people and had them represent the parts of Christ’s Primitive church then we started sitting them down as we explained the apostasy and turned off some of the lights. It would be better with practice but still a good one. Afterwards we played volleyball. Our investigator came so the grand total of investigators there was 2 one from us and one member Hermano Gonzalez brought his brother to the activity and church yesterday which was sweet! But anyways, I started off terrible playing volleyball. One bump into the net, one 50 feet out of bounds etc. But then I switched teams and Just started making plays. It was fun! Saturday was one of those days FULL of blessings. We went to our investigators house and her friend the first thing she says is ” I’m crazy for one of your bibles” So I gave her a Book of Mormon. Later, when we go to Walgreens I see this lady staring at me. She asks me if I’m Mormon and I say yeah. She’s like, ” I want the Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants and the Book of Mormon. She had been contacted by sister missionaries in 2011 or so and said she liked the message.  So we are going to get her a triple combination. Then later when we were sitting on a curb outside of Walgreens this man comes up and says I’ve got some extra pizza if you want any. ( to be honest I wasn’t sure exactly what he had but I said yes and it turned out to be delicious pizza) So we got pizza. It was a good day. This week is Zone Conference again which means good spiritual eating and regular eating. 

Elder Glazier

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