Softball on Saturday

     This week was another week. We are not finding a lot of new people so we need to do better with that but the people we found this week we were able to put baptismal dates with and also a date for Carlos. When we invited him he answered directly with “yes”  So that was good!  We found two new people that day also who when we invited them to pray and if they received an answer if they’d be baptized the investigator named Anni said, ” why not?”  So baptismal dates were good this week but church and working with members not so much. Jeremy is no longer in school so our member presents are going to have to come from different people.  But I learned again that as we put forth even just some effort our Heavenly Father blesses us.IMG_3988

     This week we also played Softball on Saturday with the ward. One member brought like 10 non members to the activity. I surprised myself with how well I batted. My first hit was a ground rule double. I have learned from that and from playing soccer that I am not overly excellent at one sport but I have some talent in all. It was so fun to play softball though. I also learned that I am incredibly out of shape. I was SO sore yesterday and still a little bit. The other missionaries were also super good. Elder Pratt hit a homerun, Elder Martinez was making catches all the time in center field and one where he caught it and crashed against the fence, and Elder Morales didn’t play the first two games because he said he didn’t know how to play much and then just gets up and cranks some hits. It was super fun. this Thursday will be the Missionary night and Volleyball. Sorry this isn’t the best email.

Elder Glazier

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