” Mr. You’ve got a lot to learn about people.”

          This wasn’t a very good week. We found two new investigators and that was it and those weren’t even really real too much. But we put another Baptismal date with Mary who is really cool and open minded but her parents don’t want her to go to church. We had an excellent Tuesday with the Bishop teaching we had some spiritual lessons in which I was like ” this is the best thing in the world” If you wonder what this means it means the act of teaching new precious spiritual truths to an audience and singing hymns about prophets and also just having the attention of the people during that. Actually in one of those lessons we were teaching up to about 7 people which was incredible. Then Maribel our investigator gave us soup and I was thinking that that was going to be the signal to the Bishop to not take us to firehouse but I was wrong. But yeah Tuesday was terrific but other than that it wasn’t the best week.

         Yesterday was of course super good to talk to the family and also I got to give a quick testimony about Mothers, bless the Sacrament, and teach Priesthood meeting. It rained a ton this week and our air conditioner is having problems so we now wake up to a puddle of water on the floor…. This morning I worked three straight hours cleaning a missionary kitchen which was hard but it definitely is better than it was before and the other Elders helped which was good. Today I will probably eat firehouse subs for lunch. This wasn’t the best email ever but I have to say that missions are the best things ever. As we walked to the church a few moments ago I told my companion it’s not really that you miss two years it’s that you put your life on pause and when you come back you press play. So it has definitely been spectacular, hard, fulfilling, life changing, and I also have come to love rice and beans.  I can speak spanish not the worst. Before the mission I was the type of person who you maybe could have said to me like the dude in Silvarado, ” Mr. You’ve got a lot to learn about people.” Well, I think I have learned a lot. I hope you all had a great day yesterday and are all excited for Summer 2017 wherever you are.

Elder Glazier 

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