” We are going to make it! We are going to Get there!!”

 Well another good week is in the books here in Juncos. The rain and blessings continue to shower upon our heads and souls. Our investigator Carlos has come now four times to church. He is doing well and yesterday church was really good with him he was making comments and said something about following the example of Christ by being baptized. The members are being friends to him too which is great.

          We are seeing little miracles everyday. We have been able to find young investigators too which Elder Anderson of the Twelve has taught us to do. In Fact we found this week two girls in our same neighborhood where we live and we know the family of one kind of. They were super smart and super receptive. One of them is named Tanayri. She was talking about how she always is stressed but when she prayed about the message we shared she felt the stress go away. I tried to help her recognize that that was her answer. This week we visited Arial and Luz Maria as well and my companion thought we should share about the Temple and it was a great idea. We went and shared about getting to the temple and Ariel ended up shouting ” We are going to make it! We are going to Get there!!”  It was so awesome. They are pretty poor and not in the best of health but Ariel’s attitude was one we should all follow. He had an I think I can attitude and was determined to get to the Temple.

         Well, things are pretty good here. We had a good fast this week also. I am about to finish Predicad Mi Evangelio and then I will try to finish El Libro de Mormon before I head on out of this great island. Missions are great and surely they help us become better disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Glazier

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