Heavenly Father is a Being of Planning

I have one transfer left here. This week the Lord blessed us infinitely more than we deserved. We received many blessings temporal and spiritual. We went out on Monday and used the area book and with our little effort we were able to get three new investigators. We had a good lesson with Carmen on Tuesday even though the result wasn’t what we wanted. I did all I could to persuade her to be baptized on her date the 30 of April but to no avail. Wednesday was Zone Conference which was good. We actually planned our day for Thursday in zone conference and of course Thursday was one of the best numerical days I have had in my mission. We got four member presents and two new investigators. Friday we helped Christian blow torch and laquer some boards for his trailers which was cool. We also helped him clean the grill and trailer yesterday. We ate well this week. Yesterday was a good day because we had two investigators in church. One of those I didn’t even expect to come and sure enough I look back and see him there. It has been raining a lot this week. Well, that is a little bit about my week. Pretty dang short. But I think that it’s okay because after all, you will be talking with me in six short weeks so yeah. I learned something really cool in Zone Conference though. Sister Boucher mentioned the faith of the Nephites. She talked about how their faith was so strong that they were baptized and lived the Gospel hundreds of years before Christ was even born. They didn’t have the history of Christ’s life like we do and still believed. That is probably one of the reasons that the Book of Mormon is so powerful.  I also liked that President Boucher was teaching about the importance of planning. After all, our Heavenly Father is a being of planning. He made a plan for our Salvation. I also learned from that and this week that our role or our part in the plan, is to live the doctrine of Christ. In its own way, the doctrine of Christ is the plan. But President Packer once said that procreation and eternal families are the plan too. But the point is is planning is important. Whether it’s dates, fishing trips, vacations, normal days, your cookies, your life, your year, planning is important. 

Elder Glazier

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