This week we only ate out one time!

Good day to you friends and family.  This week we struggled with some things and did good on others.  Luz Maria was confirmed yesterday.  She was so over come with emotion that she took 2 or so minutes to get back to her seat and the Bishop had gotten to the pulpit and started talking even when she was still in a chair in front of everyone. But then Ariel got up and helped her back to her seat. It was a cool moment to see a son helping his Mother. She has been in the hospital because she fell down and hasn’t been able to go to church lately.  There were also two baptisms yesterday. They were Vicente and Delia who have been investigators for so long! They had been waiting for marriage papers for so long before they could get married. So that was cool there was a member who talked about how he had known them for 22 or so years and how it’s all on the Lord’s time. So if we have friends or family members we are waiting for to come to the truth or to change we can always have FAITH in the Lord and wait patiently but actively for them to make the changes in their lives and when they do, we can celebrate and praise our Heavenly Father and thank him for blessings.

We were with Ariel and Luz Maria this week and we were able to teach their neighbor. Ariel also testified which was great. We didn’t do well finding this week. Carmen is still in the process for her Baptism. She wants to feel certain of the things and I also think she needs better friendship in the church. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf. One of the good things that happened this week is we only ate out one time! That was Mondayand then we went the whole week without spending much money. But that doesn’t include that we did ” the tradition” and we went to Walgreens on Friday for a drink and chips. I started ” the tradition” with Elder Velasquez. Every weekend basically we go to Walgreens for chips and a drink.  Got to recreate weekends somehow right?

     On Saturday we went to Vicente and Delia’s wedding. We enjoyed roast chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, SALAD, and rice. Then the Bishop and his wife gave us Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and other delicious things yesterday. I just learned some cool things from the Book of Leviticus in the Old Testament. There was a scripture maybe, Leviticus 18:5 that talked about living in the commandments or something. And we definitely find life in obeying our Heavenly Father. Also I read one about keeping and doing the commandments. What is the difference between doing and keeping?  Well, I don’t really know but I think one difference could be keeping has more to do with your heart and desire like you are keeping them close to your heart and doing is doing. That maybe didn’t make any sense.  This week is Zone Conference again which is always good.   Love you

Elder Glazier

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