…and a NAP!

This week was a week can you imagine that?  I don’t know how to start emails so I guess I’ll just say, Sriracha Hot Sauce is THE GREATEST.  I definitely put that on my 12 dollar and ninety three cents italian sub meaning the sub itself wasn’t 12.94 but the combo with chimps and Vanillna Conke was that much but I was putting Sriracha on my sandwich.

   So now that that’s over here were some passenings of the week
1) Had yet another late night sprint to finish the Book of Mormon.
2) Mission testimony meeting
3) Retrieved my Sunglasses that I had left in an investigator’s home
4) Sharing the awesome Prince of Peace video
5) Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken
6) Rain
7) Blistered toes
8) Discovering another hole in my pants…… Blanderviell swine cranes crean sweeen
9) Having three investigators in Church. on a very very serious note. THANK YOU ALL for your prayers. I have seen miracles here in Juncos with bringing people to church. So thank you for your prayers. Because remember those days of ” This week we found a lot of people but nobody came to church.” Well thanks to your prayers and most of all thanks to the miracles of our Heavenly Father people are coming and seeing the true church.
10) We sang my favorite hymn I know that my Redeemer lives three times yesterday.
   This week I called and texted members to help us out with the investigators who came to church. So that was good. Today I have been able to get a lot done. I think the Lord sent blessings for doing the deep cleaning assignment. We are supposed to do a deep cleaning apartment cleaning once a month. I was totally NOT excited to clean it ( by the way I cleaned some disgusting parts of the frindge this weenk) but I somehow got up and just started going on the windows and screens which was today’s assignment. The blessing that I am refering to is that I was shocked when it was only 8:30 when we finished! We also got the regular house cleaning done, shopping, some laundry, and a NAP! So yeah. It has been pretty good today. I even trimmed my fingernails and read my Patriarchal Blessing. So that was good. The other Elders were talking about how I’m strange because I struggle to get up on time on regular days and on P Day the day that I should or could be sleeping in I get up at 6:30 and start going crazy on cleaning like It’s a free Michelin tire festival! Love,
Elder Glazier

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