Prince of Peace

Buenas Tardes.  This was another good week in the mission field. Our work was pretty good this week. We found, put dates, taught with a member, served, had Carmen in church.  This week we had an excellent Tuesday. We were able to work hard with Jeremy and have some good lessons. I was able to use the Prince of Peace video a few times. I encourage all to watch it.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior.  I know that he is the Prince of Peace. I know that because He has given me peace. I used to not have as much peace and used to worry a lot more but I know that He has been there to help me and since He is the Prince Of Peace, He has helped me and will continue to help me as long as I keep pressing forward. I know that if we repent he will give us peace. It’s hard but worth it to receive the peace he offers.

     I pulled out my scriptures yesterday morning and read each little account in the four gospels about Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. I had a good interview with President Boucher on Thursday.  Yesterday I got to lead the Music in Gospel Principles and In Priesthood meeting.  It’s kind of fun to do that! We are teaching this young lady named Alondra.  She speaks English and so we are teaching her in English which is a good opportunity for Elder Pratt to get involved in the teaching process. She has a Baptismal date for the 30 of April but hasn’t come to church yet. The first time she went to the wrong church and yesterday slept in but it’s okay maybe this Sunday.  Luz Maria who we baptized recently fell and has been in the hospital so the confirmation couldn’t go through yesterday.

     We are still working on our Book of Mormon challenge. I am in Alma 56.  Creen que lo logro?  We will see. I am excited for the mission meeting on Sunday. Love.  Happy Easter may your testimonies be strengthened by the Spirit this week as we remember our King.  

Elder Glazier

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