WANT to believe in Eternal Families

IMG_4164[1]          This was a good week. We had lots of events happen. Earlier in the week we had a good lesson with Carmen and she prayed in the lesson which was super good because that was our challenge with her.  We took the advice of the district and we did well.  That night we had an awesome lesson with the Bishop.  We had some appointments fall through though and that turned out to be a blessing because Maribel, the woman we visited was not doing so well. We had a spiritual lesson about the Atonement. Wednesday we had mission correlation.

     We found some new people this week and one of those people was Benjie who is super awesome. He committed to read, to pray and to be baptized if he gets an answer.  So that was awesome. Lately our baptismal dates have been for the 30 of April but I felt like he could be ready for the 16 of April.  That day we also had a special but saddening experience. We went and talked with this guy who let us sit down and everything but he thought we were in the wrong for being here. He thought we should be in Utah and helping our families. I tried as best I could even with a picture of the Temple to explain to him politely sir, we are here for you. We started talking about Eternal Families. He didn’t believe in them. I testified as hard as I could that it was possible but he didn’t have the faith. So the next time you are tempted or forget to be grateful for your family, just remind yourself that there are literally people who don’t even WANT to believe in Eternal Families. There are people who live lost without the knowledge of the most grand blessings that our Heavenly Father wants to give us.IMG_4175[1]

     But general conference was good. My favorite talk was President Uchtdorf’s Priesthood talk on callings. The themes I saw were, Christ’s love and example, Holy Ghost, and uplifting encouraging talks. Here’s a quote from President Uchtdorf, ” Of Course We can!!”  That is like the engine that could. If we doubt or have fear and wonder if we can ever do something, the answer is a booming ” Of course we can!”  I love you all!

Elder Glazier

Picture: Luz Maria’s Baptism  and 20th Birthday Dinner Firehouse Subs


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