This week was full of miracles.

       Hey hello. THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING  that is a great description of this week.  We had a Baptism.  So I felt happy that we were able to meet our part for the mission goal and also that my new missionary companion Elder Pratt who doesn’t even have a week in the mission got to baptize. 

       This week was full of miracles.  The zone leaders called on Wednesday night and were checking up on the Baptismal dates we had and said to call back on Thursday to see how they were doing.  So after we had a very spiritual lesson with Luz Maria in which we shared Mosiah 18 and Like Alma of old I basically asked her ” what have you against being baptized this Sunday” So then I called the Zone Leaders and told them about how she agreed to be baptized but she drinks coffee. So we worked extremely hard this week and she got baptized on Sunday, yesterday. 

       We found a lot of people.  We definitely saw the hand of the Lord.  I call really only testify that if we put forth effort the Lord takes care of us.  I could give you about as many examples of that as Sodalicious cups in my windowsill at home.  My new companion is Elder Pratt. The Great great great grandson of Parly P Pratt. So when I found that out I was excited. He went to Lone Peak and we know some of the same people.  So a shorter email but hey I come home in 11 weeks 2 and a half months so I think you’ll be fine and also here are some pictures.

Elder Glazier

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