” Do you have a Book about Christ’s visit to the Americas?”

       Hello. Week 90 yikes.  You ever notice how time goes fast sometimes?  This was another kind of mediocre week but the weekend was great! We met Elder Anderson, of the Twelve on Saturday.  Elder Gonzalez, Elder Acosta, and Elder Maynes of the Seventy and Presidency of the Seventy were there too.  So it was full of great inspiring messages.  The meeting was foncused on improvement here in Puernto Rinco. The Baptisms are progressing but Church attendance is not. So Elder Anderson posed us the question of how can we fix it. It was interesting that I didn’t even make any comments in the meeting but what I was thinking about was what Elder Anderson said. 

       For example he asked us what a good goal would be for Baptisms here as a mission in the future and I was thinking well 50 is pretty good a month. And after two Elders Said 90 and 100 Elder Anderson said well I think for April May and June the good goals would be 40 50 50 respectively.  Then as he asked the question of how to meet those goals I thought to myself well, if we find more people to teach our probability of baptizing will be higher and after some comments Elder Anderson gave us his ideas of how we can do it and the first thing he said was double the number of people in our investigator pool.  So I was kind of like wow, I basically thought exactly what an Apostle was thinking.  Maybe I should have piped up? 

     So I also loved Elder Maynes remarks. He talked about the power of the Book of Mormon and if we read it with investigators they will read it themselves because they will want to feel the spirit again.  He told us a story of a person in Mexico and his family I think who this man read from the Book of Mormon and then lost it. For 27 years missionaries from other churches came to his house to preach and he for 27 years he asked the same question to all, ” Do you have a Book about Christ’s visit to the Americas?”  And finally one day when some LDS missionaries opened up an area they knocked on his door and he asked them the same question and finally was able to find what he had found years before again. IMG_4158

       Sunday was a great day too. STAKE CONFERENCE 2017 #3 need I say  more????  Well, I got to talk to Minerva again and Luz Maria came so that was great.  Then yesterday afternoon we helped Christian out.  I want to testify to you that God answers prayers. These past two weeks I have had the same experience twice. Two times, I have felt like I was going to throw up.  I haven’t thrown up in the mission and really don’t want to. So when I felt like that I prayed fervently and faithfully that I could contain my food and feel better and I am happy to say that those prayers were answered and I was blessed to not throw up.  

Food update:  Saturday after the mission meeting, some members did a barbeque and invited us.  Let’s just do a Jim Roan here.  
Did I eat three burgers and two chicken drumsticks?  The answer’s YES.
Elder Glazier
Photo: Elder Velasquez and me before departing to the mission meeting. 







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