Hello family members and friends.  We have finished another week.  This week was not quite as good as last week but we still finished it well with having Luz Maria and Carmen in church for the second week in a row.  On Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting and afterwards we got some Krispy Kreme doughnuts so that was the first time I had Krispy Kremes on the mission.  We were able to have some Member present lessons this week but did not do well with finding… But luckily we have a new fresh week to go and find more.  My problem used to be that I would find a lot and not have any in church but this week it was the opposite.  My Book of Mormon reading is going well.  Every time you read it you can learn something new and it doesn’t matter how many times you read it you can understand more and do understand more. This week in a lesson with Luz Maria I told her to not worry about understanding the Book of Mormon too much just worry about how you feel.  I also remembered one of my experiences I had had before when I was younger.  I was finishing 1 Nephi or Second Nephi I think It was 2 Nephi and the Spirit  testified so strongly to my heart that after I went into the bathroom and prayed.  I still am trying to understand the secular history better because I knew the Book of Mormon was true before I understood the secular history and honestly I am still learning the less spiritual things about the Book of Mormon. But I am also learning more profoundly that it is centered on Christ.  I went on a little exchange with Elder Page this week and we were able to find some people.  I also played soccer on Saturday and I am still sore.  But I am not really overly excellent at any sport but I have basic skills at almost all of them it seems because I was able to even score some goals and they had me play forward on my team.  But I definitely am not in the shape I was in before because all it took was a sprint or two and I felt like my heart was going to explode.  I got to pray in Sacrament meeting yesterday.  The weather has been pretty good this year. It has been the winter but It hasn’t been very hot yet.  This week we have some big events. On Saturday I will meet Elder Anderson of the Twelve and on Sunday we have stake conference.  Yes if you think that the first three months of this year I have had Stake Conference every month you think right!!!! But I love Stake Conference!! So this email isn’t as good as last week but I just want you to all know that March is a FANTASTIC MONTH.


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