Terrific Tuesday

Good day to you all!! I just want to start off this email by saying that being a missionary is a  BLESSING. When you serve a mission be prepared to have some life impacting and soul marking experiences.  The spirit is rich here, and you will see the hand of the Lord EVERY day and sometimes a lot more than you even feel worthy of.

   This week was filled with those experiences.  Tuesday was one of those days where it starts off great then gets better then you enter a mode of like, ” okay this was a great day” and you start thinking that it’s not going to get better and you keep going and it gets better and then you’re like okay there’s no way that this day could get better and it does. For example, Tuesday started off with a district meeting, then we went to Panda express ( 2nd visit in 20 months on the island) after Panda express we went to Milie and had a lesson and put a baptismal date which we have been struggling immensely with baptismal dates. So right there I was like dang well this started off great and I felt like a champion again. So what happens next? We are walking and Elder King calls and he said he thought he saw Monica Puig.  Then we start finding and at this point we are with a member.  We find a lady named Carmen and what happens?  Another great lesson and another Baptismal date. So at this point my insides felt like you had just said, ” Hey Tyler want my Sodalicious Punch card that is full?” So that is just so you can understand.  Does the story stop there? NO! We keep finding and have a third lesson, and a third baptismal date.  So now I’m feeling like you just added with the punch card, oh and you can take Mom’s Volvo on Saturday night.  Ending? Nope not yet, what happens next? Jeremy had to go so then we were waiting for the Bishop to go to our lesson. ( Side note, it was a miracle that we even had a lesson to go to with the Bishop because we had called everyone and nobody answered and then I called the investigator again and she answered I felt so blessed.) Okay so to catch you up here’s the sum of Tuesday up to this point:
-District Meeting
-Panda Express
-3 lessons
-3 Baptismal dates
-I know someone who might have seen Monica Puig
 Okay so we are waiting for the Bishop and he comes and we go to the appointment and we sung Hark all ye nations ( day still getting better) which is one of my favorites, we were teaching in a nice clean garage and it was so PEACEFUL no loud nothing. The neighborhood was quiet and so the Spirit could come right into that lesson. Then the investigator’s son’s girlfriend came out and started to listen to us. The Investigator had us sing at the end too because she said we sang like angels. So I chose to sing I need Thee every Hour and so at that point it was as if you had said oh and Tyler take this nice CD that I made for you with Sugar five times and Jumping Jack Flash 8 times with you when you go and get your free sodalicious in the Volvo.  So did the day end there? NOPE we went to San Lorenzo and had cake and hot dogs to finish the day to celebrate Elder King’s birthday.  To sum up A FANTASTIC DAY
Okay so Tuesday was incredible. Sunday also had some great experiences.  We had Carmen in Church which was a blessing.  But when we arrived to church we soon saw Ariel who is a recent convert who has his own struggles, with his Mother.  She has been helping him in his life and Ariel went up to the stand on Sunday to get his certificate for Baptism and Confirmation. When he came back down, his Mother was crying. She isn’t even a member.  Mothers are certainly heavenly gifts from God.  Sacrament meeting was terrific all around including the music because we sang three of my favorites.  I know that My Redeemer Lives, then There is a green Hill far away, and The Lord is my Light.  Unless I am forgetting another occasion when that happened this is the first meeting I have been in since the Funeral Service for Parker Allred in February of 2013 that I Know that My Redeemer Lives and The Lord is My Light have been sung together and I don’t forget that because when we sang those songs in the funeral, the spirit touched my heart profoundly. Parker is doing great work on the other side of the Veil Love you Brother! I also bore my testimony.  I have to say, why do I need to go use squirrel suits, or jump 50 foot cliffs when I can just bear my testimony to get my flipping heart beating like the drums in Hotel California? I have to testify of Alex Brockbank’s words one time when he said that it doesn’t matter how many times you give your testimony it doesn’t get any easier. THAT IS TRUE because I still get WAY nervous like picture how much my body will  shake when Laurence lands a right hook the first time he sees’ me this summer like to that extent is how much my heart was beating and my soul shaking from nervousness but like add a blender spin, and an earthquake and that is how much nervous was in me.  It’s ridiculous but my point is that there are few things ( churrasco, and Michelin tires namely) that are better than the feeling that comes after sharing your testimony in Church if you don’t believe me well go celebrate a weekend doing all that you want to do and bear your testimony in church and see which one feels better.  But honestly the calmness and confidence and Spirit that you feel after giving your testimony in church is so amazing.  So after church we went and had a great lesson with Ariel and his mother and I felt the spirit once again bring me the love of God and for the people.  I had Ariel tell what he knew about the lessons and he teaches better than me.  I am really seeing some amazing things here in Juncos. I see recent converts doing their duties as good as the next person. I see a ward that doesn’t start on time but brings people to church and over 20 to activities. It is a very good time!!!  If you don’t understand anything that I just wrote just know 2 things
1) I had great experiences this week
2) March is definitely the Month to be born
Elder Glazier
PS Laurence and Kaal good job on taking people on Dates!

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