Agents and objects

 This was a good week. On Tuesday we had a member present lesson which is always good.  Wednesday we had Zone Conference.  I learned a lot of good things. They taught us that we are here to find Investigators like Nephi who have desires to learn and who will show others their light and pray for others.  President Boucher, taught about our commitments as missionaries to the Lord.  He taught to us about agents and objects. Agents act objects don’t. Agents have agency and objects don’t.  Sister Boucher taught us about the Book of Mormon and we were issued a challenge to read the Book of Mormon before April 16, Easter Sunday, and to look for references to Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I felt the spirit even at the Title page of the Book of Mormon, I am enjoying this experience and I haven’t even finished 1 Nephi yet.  After the conference we went and ate some food with a member.

      On Thursday we had a great day.  We had house inspection and the only thing that was off basically was the fridge was nasty but everything else was nice and good. We found a woman named Milie that day who is very cool.  We hope to give her some inspiration and comfort as we teach the plan of Salvation because her husband passed away about a year and a half ago.  That night the ward had a great missionary activity.  There were classes on how to dance salsa and a ton of people came including over 20 nonmembers!  So that was good. The ward is really supportive and doing well with their work and visiting with us.  
     On Friday we went and when we were working we initially didn’t have too much success but we kept on pressing forward and we found a cool little family of three.   Yesterday was a good day in church.  Moises came and was also able to see the baptism that the other Elders had.  So it was a pretty good week.  
Elder Glazier

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