Elder Glazier is fine!

Basically this email can be summed up with this statement: This week I ate CHURRASCO pinchos and had Stake Conference, it’s safe to say that Elder Glazier is fine!

1) churrasco pinchos was so awesome.  That was the first time in a long time I have consumed something similar to Dad’s churrasco So I was in paradise for a little bit. 

 2) Stake Conference. Elder Martinez of the Seventy came which was great!  I learned a lot from him especially from the scriptures. In the Saturday night session he talked about the good samaritan.  He talked about how that passage of scripture is for us to serve. But he also talked about that passage as an allegory or example or analagy.  I had never thought of it in the sense that Elder Martinez explained.  I will kind of paraphrase because I don’t have it down exactly how he said it. But basically how the man goes down from glorious big special Jerusalem, we came down from our heavenly home. How he fell among thieves, we fall to Satan’s temptations. How a priest and a Levite who are part of the house of Israel living the law of Moses didn’t save the man or help hime, the law of Moses wont’ save us. We and the man need Somone to help us.  Just like the Samaritan payed for the man in the inn, Jesus Christ pays for us.  Elder Martinez also said something about how the samaritan left the man with the inn keeper until he returns, we are entrusted and supposed to watch over souls for Christ until his comes. It was a very very powerful experience for me to see that example.  On Sunday, I had another great day at Stake Conference. Before the general sessio started, I saw Minerva which was a special moment. I am very happy to know that she is doing well!  On Sunday I learned more from Elder Martinez.  He talked about tithing and offerings on Sunday Morning.  I was able to learn that in the Commonly used Malachi scripture, there is more to the verses if you read a bit before and a bit after. Start in verse 6 and end after the ” shall not be room enough to receive it.”  I learned that after the Lord makes a tremendous promise he also promises that the fields and stuff will not stop to give.  In other words, when we pay tithing we will stil have enough to live.  I learned also from a verse in Isaiah about Fasting that when we fast we can break yoke or make our selves free and resist temptation.


3) Other items of what happened this week- we had a lesson with Moises which was good.  He fasted and says he feels closer to his baptism.  He was progressing really well and then when we got to the baptismal date he wasn’t feeling certain. There was a day this week when I saw once again, that when we strive, the Lord blesses us.  I made a little effort and said, okay, this street looks a little more alive I’ll try it and sure enough the first house we had a lesson so that was cool. What else? I opened up a teacher’s addition Algebra 1 book and boy have I forgotten….

Maybe that just is my answer to prayer that I am supposed to be a sports broadcaster for New Mexico sports. Maybe I will be the voice of the New Mexico Lobos. That would be so awesome. The Pitt twice a week for games!  I would even get to visit Provo sometimes maybe to watch the Lobos beat down on BYU since that is always what they would do! This morning I played soccer. Now something in my leg is kind of stiff because I lack kicking a soccer ball prowess. By the way credit to R. Laurence Glazier author of ” Comps and Comps- the connection between missions and succes in Computer Science Careers year 2045″ anyways credit to him for the vocabulary word ” prowess” 



















Pictures: Me and Jeremy the youth who comes with us a lot

Me and Ismael a member in Santa Isabel who made us food all the time one of his breakfast sandwhiches yum!


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