” Bueno, uno siempre puede comer.”(Well, one can always eat!)


     The first thing I have written down to write this week is that I have been feeling more like myself lately at least in the apartment. Let me explain. So normally I am kind of crazy whenever I am at home right? Like walking around to people calling them kneecaps or local stimulus packages or ramcrans or CREAN SWINES.  I don’t do that now but, what I have been doing is riding my imaginary motorcycle in the house to get me from the bedroom to the bathroom or from the kitchen to the study desk. Just picture me revving an imaginary throttle and making a loud motorcycle noise with my mouth and changing gears too.  So the other Elders laugh at that and even try to do it sometimes!  Also, I go around the house beatboxing the regatone beat loudly as well.  So the crazy weird but funny Tyler is still alive. img_4146

   My shoe also blew up this week.  Ecco Soles< Johnston and Murphy Soles

Ecco shoes > Johnston and Murphy shoes  

 We contacted this week with a former Sister missionary and boy did that help we found seven people in like an hour or two.  I read a very very good chapter in the Teachings of the Presidents of the Chruch: Gordon B. Hinckley book. He talks about having a positive attitude and looking for the good in life. Two quotes that I highlighted were one, everyday should be a good day in the mission field and two, there was never a better time to live than this day and age. Those aren’t  exact quotes and I also was reading in spanish but wow they were good. I also liked how president Hinckley put special emphasis on thanksgiving.  We did some service this week. We helped a brother move some restaurant equipment into a storage unit but to get the storage unit open he cut down a tree that had grown in front of the door. His chainsaw was a nice Echo.img_3992

       A nice miracle this week was seeing our investigator Nilsa make a couple of first steps to progress. First of all when we came back to her after the first visit, she had read the pamphlet that we left with her. That was awesome! Then she came to Sacrament meeting yesterday which was fabulous.  We also had an investigator Geraldo come to Priesthood meeting yesterday. He is pentecostal and loves to go into deep but not really super important to our lives doctrine. He knows quite a bit about the Bible but this week we presented him the Book of Mormon and he is reading so that was super good! He is pretty knowledgeable I guess you could say but he was really interested in the Book of Mormon.  So hopefully that will invite the Spirit into his heart.  After the lesson when we gave him the Book of Mormon, the Bishop asked us if we were hungry.  During the lesson I knew he was going to ask us that. You know how I am, I would not give up a free dinner at Firehouse subs unless the conditions were really bad. The point is I had just buried myself in burger King food earlier I had eaten a ton so I really wasn’t hungry but like I said I can’t shoot down a free dinner at one of my favorite restaurants so I told the Bishop when he asked us if we were hungry I said, ” Bueno, uno siempre puede comer.” In other words, ” Well… one can always eat.”  So you can bet your delicious salads and Sodalicious that you ate and drank this week that I went and ate Firehouse subs. 

     This week I was kind of medium on getting up and I worked my abs like once. So.  I also pulled out my pedigree chart and started observing it this week.  I actually learned a TON by just looking at a pedigree chart.  Let me show a couple of things I learned.  I learned that Grandpa and Grandma Cook got married when Grandpa was 20 and Grandma was 18 if my calculations are good.  Grandpa Glazier was 30 when he married Grandma Glazier who was 22.  So I went through my weekly planner for 2017 and wrote down birthday’s and anniversaries.  During this process or after I was thinking, so, I could get married this year to an eighteen year old and that way I will have gotten married at the same age as my Grandpa and if I do it on November 25, I will have the same anniversary.  But it’s more, if I were to do that, I would also celebrate my big ten year anniversaries in years that also my parents and Grandparents on the Glazier side have ten year anniversaries. For example, in 2027 Me and my wife would be celebrating ten years of marriage, Dad and Mom, 40, and Grandpa and Grandma Glazier’s 70th anniversary would be that year.  Now, I could also get married on November 25 of 2019at 22 years old ( like my Grandma Glazier) and that way I would celebrate anniversaries on the same day as Grandma and Grandpa Cook and also my ten year anniversaries would be on years that Grandma and Grandpa Cook are celebrating big ten year anniversaries and also in years that Grandpa Cook turns over decades.  Anyways, you all are probably saying to yourselves” Wow, Tyler is wacked up and really weird.”  Don’t worry, I will get married, in the time, place, day, year and all that where my dear sweetheart wants too. AND NO I DON’T KNOW WHO THAT WILL BE YET.  Which is totally how it should be #missionarieswithoutgirlfriendsearnmoredollarsfromthestreetimg_4048

You wanna know the verdict?  ^ is the verdict. Glazier Single services is losing all kinds of money. So is Glazier Rest Homes. Also, Stake Conference is this week. I LOVE STAKE CONFERENCE.  Seriously Stake conference is a great thing. Certainly a spiritual uplifting thing.  Enjoy the snow

 Elder Glazier


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