Kindness gave me energy and happiness.

     Buenos Dias.  This week was another week in the field.  We did some missionary work and ate food and slept.  But this week some good things happened.  We visited Moises who is still not ready for Baptism. But the good news is that I am staying in Juncos for 6 more weeks at least.  So hopefully we will be able to baptize him.  He came to church this week which was a step up from last week. We were able to wash some cars for some people this week.  So I continue to get in shape for summer work this year.  This week getting up on time was a horrible effort. I did really good last week but this week was like trying to tell my Dad I am a better fisherman than he is. Yeah, DOES NOT WORK.  But, I did better in some other things. 

     I am also glad to be staying in Juncos also because I have cleaned up the house real nice or at least a lot nicer than it was.  In our missionary correlation meeting this week I shared my favorite scripture Ether 12:27 so that was good.  Yesterday we had a super spiritual lesson with Olga.  We talked about the Restoration which was super good.  I also had an interesting but good experience yesterday in church. This lady came who is not exactly normal. She was quite disruptive and also she was knocking on our door on Saturday night at 10:30pm.  But anyways apparently she didn’t have water in her house or something but anyways she came to church and was saying amen and everything during the testimonies. But the point is I was thinking about this situation and I decided to try and be like Christ and be kind to her because I thought, how bad would it be if she felt rejected by members of the true church? So I didn’t make best friends with her or make her guacamole or anything but I smiled and was friendly and I think that one act of kindness gave me energy and happiness because then I was all smiling and greeting people and stuff like that.  So that is like the second time on my mission where in church I have decided to reach out and it ends up helping me more than them not to mention it was fast Sunday and I was blessed with strength and no headache or anything.

     I was on exchange this week and in one short hour of finding Elder Page and I found two investigators and put baptismal dates with them which was awesome. Today is Elder Velasquez birthday so I bought him McDonald’s for breakfast.  I also read several articles of the February liahona already. I have said this before but wow, definitely I am a better reader than before I read a nice little bit now. In the next few weeks there will be some great events happening. 1) Zone Conference 2) Stake conference #2 of the year with Elder Martinez of the Seventy 3) Mission meeting with Elder Anderson of the Twelve 4) Stake Conference #3 of the year with Elder Gonzalez Area President.  So there will be no lack of spiritual feasting from leaders this transfer.  Hope you’re enjoying the winter.  I am enjoying the summer.  Well, depends but sometimes summer weather is nice you know.  Oh one more thing ON SATURDAY I ATE A RIBEYE STEAK GOODBYE THANK YOU BROTHER FLORES WHO BOUGHT ME IT

Elder Glazier
Single for 679 more days

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