Shark Pinchos and horseshoes

Hello.  My name is Elder Glazier I am reporting on the 83rd week of my
full time mission. This week was good and bad.  That is because some
things went good and some went bad.  For example, a good thing that
happened was this, we went on Saturday to Moises and we found him and
taught him a ton of stuff to get him ready for his Baptismal date
which was yesterday the January 29.  So we had this totally awesome
lesson. But then when we went on Sunday to pick him up for Church, he
had gone to San Juan to work……. so that was a bad thing that
happened. So as a result of his absence we could not baptize him.  But
some other great things happened this week.

We had a worldwide
broadcast for missionaries this week on Wednesday.  It was very good.
I was writing down so many notes and I was uplifted by the words of
the Missionary Executive Council members so it was really really
great.  I liked how they decided to do it. This year the format was
one person presented a question that missionaries might have and then
the council gave their opinions like a discussion or something.  On
Thursday night I played volleyball which was really fun.  Also last
week or the week before I found two horseshoes in the gutter and I
spotted a third yesterday but forgot to pick it up.  I was running a
weedeater and as I chopped down some grass by a phonepole, I spotted
it. Yesterday I added to my list of eating strange things in Puerto
Rico as I ate two Shark pincohs so two shark kabobs. It was good and
the meat was like halibut. I expected it to be hard but it was very
soft.  I learned some good things this week.  But that is what I have
written down in my notes this week so short email this week.  I could
make it longer with creanish jonkes about Laurence and Kaal but you
and they and everyone are sick of those jokes so I will pass up on
those this time.  Have a great week.

Elder Glazier


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