” Come, come”

Another week has gone by.  Indeed another week has gone by.  This week involved finding more people, spiritual experiences, pinchos, working with members, service, and things of the like. We ended up having 8 member present lesson which was awesome. Haven’t felt that for a long time. We worked several days this week with a youth member. His name is Jeremy who is 17 so it was great to have his help.  We did some service for some people cleaning up houses mostly.  Before I forget, I got to play piano yesterday in Priesthood meeting.  Unfortunately this week we failed to meet with Moises and he didn’t come to church either…  He doesn’t have a phone and is busy all week. When we went to the appointments we had established with him, he wasn’t there. So that wasn’t too good.

   Even though that was not ideal, we had some great experiences this week with a woman named Olga. We were out contacting one day and we came across her. Thanks to my companion’s style to contact people, we were able to really touch her. My companion’s style to contact is first to ask and see if the people need any help. So that is what I said to her at first.  She ended up telling us that she really admired that because it’s something that doesn’t happen very often, people coming to your house offering to help. So that same day she also told us about herself and I really like her attitude.  She says she likes to work. She doesn’t like help from the Government.  She used to work for Microsoft.  She also gave me a Pana which is a piece of food that grows on trees. How else could I describe it? A squash that grows on trees maybe.  I ended up making tostones out of it and they were good. Thanks to Jeremy the youth I had an idea of what I was doing.  We came back the next day I think and had a super spiritual lesson with her.  She told us about how she always felt empty in other churches. She told us about how she feels she needs to be reconciled with God before she goes even though she thinks she will die soon. She even had a dream with her Mom who is dead who was dressed in all white and saying ” come, come” So when she started saying all these things, me and my companion looked at each other with accountanances really bright and shining and got excited. She has committed to pray to know if this is the path for her.  
   So that was the highlight of the week.  We found another woman who has had and is having many trials who we want to help too. A miracle of this week was when we were with a member and we passed into this neighborhood where our investigator Raul lives. We had been trying all week to meet with him and had passed by like four times.  Well, we finally saw him when we were with the member and so we had a lesson with him.  I learned something very very cool this week in a talk by President Uchtdorf from the Woman’s conference in October, yes, it is true I am reading the talks that were given in woman’s conferences but guess what the principles still apply right?  Well, the point is is that President Uchtdorf says that we should not only exercise faith in God’s wisdom but in his love too. To me I like that because we can know and believe that everything is for our good and because God loves us. In other words, we can believe that things will get better or will work out, we can believe that things happen for a reason and that reason is that God loves us.  Love you all! Laurence you are a good skier and Kaal you are creative. You are both awesome dudes keep up the studies so that you can make money!
Elder Glazier
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