The Testimony of Joseph Smith

Hello my friends and family.  Another week has gone by in Puerto Rico.
Weeks sometimes go by fast.  Before I forget, Mom and Dad when do I
need to sign up for classes?  Okay, now that the business Item is out
the way we will move on to something far more important WE JUST GOT
FED A BURRITO WITH CHICKEN AND CHEESE AND MUSHROOMS GOODBYE  that’s all I need to say now you know that life is nice! 

This week it dropped down to the 70s so it was and I quote the Puerto Ricans,
“Frio”  In reality it was not even close.  In reality it was para para
para dise para para paradise five months till I listen to that song.
The point is, yes the temperature dropped and even though it in
reality is not cold or even chilly, the body after being saturated in
humidity and 90 degrees and 80 degreees when it feels 70 or whatever,
says, dang this is chilly a little bit. But none of you want to even
know that seeing as how the 5 in 3 Utahns would love to be in 70
degree “Frio” right now. And of course the moon was fabulous this week
so the nights were wow something great. Moises could not make it to the area conference transmission via satelite because he slept in. But I do not blame him because he started the university this week and work.  We ate with the Bishop this week and I had like 4-5 burritos in his house….  I did not even feel that hungry but I just kept eating.

I had a very spiritual experience yesterday.  We have not been working
the best on Sundays so on Saturday, I told my companion, hey I want to
try and strive to work hard tomorrow.  Which for some reason is very
difficult for me to do just bring stuff up and talk about it. I even
prayed before I talked to my companion about it because I have fear to
say stuff sometimes. But, I did it this time and after saying it to my
companion I thanked the Lord. But you are probably thinking, wow what
a little girly girl Elder Glazier is he is scared to talk to people.
Which is true. But I still had a great experience this weekend.  So as
it turns out, the Lord saw my effort and also the effort of my
companion and we found four people yesterday. 

We even had a great lesson with a father and a daughter.  I testify that our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I know he blesses us when we put forth effort. He wants us to do his will and when we take steps forward he blesses us.  To you people maybe it seems like something little and it is something small but the way I felt was no insignificant matter.  Our Father in Heaven let me feel happy, and peaceful yesterday because I tried.  We also saw the hand of the Lord in our lives as people gave us rides when we needed them. We also got food.  I noticed something in my studies this week.  After Nephi gets the brass plates he and his father study them.  What happens next? They DISCOVER in other words they grew in testimony and learned just like we can when we study the scriptures. To me that means that Nephi got at least part of his testimony and was the person he was from simple principles that any person can do.

Also as I was writing to my Mother last week something occurred to me.  It is just an insight but have you ever thought about the testimony of Joseph Smith the Prophet?  Is it possible that his testimony was not so much about seeing and conversing with our Father in Heaven and our Savior as it was about the fact that he was in a deep soul stirring quest and finally in answer to prayer his quest and burden were done. Obviously he knew that he had talked with our Savior and our Father in Heaven but I think his testimony also has to do with the fact that personally, he was finished with his quest, his answer had come and his mind was lifted from the burden of not knowing where he could get his Salvation. My point is, the greatest people in the world, like Nephi and Joseph Smith, were people just like us who practiced principles just like we do.  Anyways, maybe that is not the way it is but maybe a little snack for thought for you?  Also, Laurence and Kaal I love you brothers do not forget it! You are studs and great examples for me. Keep up the good work!

Elder Glazier


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