2 for 2 in Juncos

       Hello.  This week we had 2 yes that is right two like the number of unmarried brothers I have.  But isn’t that a good thing that the Lord blessed us with two people in church?  When was the last time that happened in like August of 2015 when my brothers were stil single… oh wait they still are in Jan. of 2017 but the point is is that was a good thing that happened this week. We found some new people even though we didn’t work as hard as last week.

       Moises is doing great. He has received his answer and is progressing toward Baptism.  His friend and he were the investigators in church.  We had a good district meeting on Tuesday where I learned some good things. I for example, learned that Christ when he taught this one man taught in a way that the man answered his own question. in other words Christ taught the man that he already knew the answer. We ask questions sometimes that we already know the answer we just need to think a little bit. img_41041

       What else happened this week? I played some dominoes and got dominated by some Puerto Ricans it was really humiliating and just shows you who is in charge. We taught a lesson this week to Moises that was my companion’s idea about just using Alma 32.  We used three different sections first we talked about Faith and Laurence’s mission scripture about how Moises didn’t know our words were true but he did the experiment and desired to believe and let us talk to him and share with him then we used the part about testing a seed. We left the Book of Mormon with him like seed well he planted it and nourished it a bit ( read and prayed) and he found out it was a good seed. So that was the second part. Then we talked about how he needs to keep exercising faith and nourishing it.  We also taught him about lesson three using 2 Nephi 31.  So we had three lessons with Moises which was great. Also a member took him last night to the YSA devotional!

       I get to go to Caguas this week 2 times because tomorrow is a zone meeting and then Sunday is a Stake Conference transmission.  Hopefully I see Minerva and all of my other Cayey friends!  But yeah that will be good.  I saw the hand of the Lord in my life this week as people gave us rides and food.  And of course that two investigators came to church.  If you don’t know, let me just clue you in. I love it when people come to church and for many many weeks of my mission I haven’t been able to get people to church but right now I am 2 for 2 in Juncos and increasing as the weeks go by some hopefully I can get 3 this week. Also my prediction tonight Alabama 21 Clemson 13 sorry even though I love the color orange there is this thing called NICK SABAN who knows how to win the title. Have a fantastic week!


Elder Glazier

Pictures: The family who gave us food on New Year’s Eve

Me posing for a picture with my Ultra Violet radiation protective unit and green hills and stuff


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