Juncos with Elder Velasquez and IGD syndrome

       You ever have one of those weeks where the blessings are pouring down like Levi Wilson’s three pointers?  Well, I just had one of those so the point is is that this week was SO DANG GOOD!  It was one of those weeks where not much went wrong and a lot went right.  Let me just start though with the administrative business. My area is called Juncos. It is part of the Caguas zone. It is located well I don’t know actually that well I have been wanting to see a map to understand better I always kind of feel uncomfortable when I don’t know the directions that well. But it is basically under the metro area to the east a little.  It reminds me of Cayey.  I am in a ward no more branch. There are four missionaries here.  My companion is Elder Velasquez from Guatemala.  He is 19.  He has about six months in the mission.  But anyways the week was so good we found a lot of people. But that wasn’t the best part.

        The best part was that WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR IN CHURCH and it’s my first week here!  So that was a nice confidence and spirit booster.  And we found him.  My week was loaded with good miracles too. People gave us food and rides and I am in a smaller house so it’s a lot better and easier to keep clean.  I got diagnosed this week with IGD syndrome. IGD Syndrome is a sickness given to special missionaries.  It is called IGD syndrome because it stands for I Give a Dang.  Symptoms include: 1) Washing your dishes and other peoples dishes 2) Cleaning when nobody else cleans 3) Improving every house you live in in Puerto Rico 4) Throwing away your trash and every other missionries’ trash 5) Buying the cleaning materials 6) Throwing out months worth of trash upon arrival to any given area 7) Getting good scores on House inspections. 8) Frequent stress 9) Losing P day sleeep 10) High Confindence that your wife will love you 11) Making 3 other missionaries living environment a lot better.

       Anyways, yeah our house is kind of acceptable now and kind of cleaner my four hours of clean behind the washer and throwing away about 8 soap bars in the bathroom and throwing out sing yesterday didn’t give time for the bathroom I was too busy cleaning up laundry detergent bags bo much dang trash that I literally thanked our Heavenly Father this morning that the garbage people took pile of garbage that had a number of items about as numerous as the number of weekends Kaal and Laurence haven’t gone on Dates since they have returned physically from their missions. Just ponder why I specifically said physically and not another word…. But anyways It’s always a good feeling to get rid of a lot of stuff.  Once again, I am by no means a great missionary but I would doubt there is anyone who has dedicated themselves to cleaning missionary apartments in the mission to the extent I have!  So I hope there are blessings for me waiting for having IGD Syndrome.  On Saturday we found this family who is super awesome we had taught their son/brother and when we went on the return appointment we taught more of the family. We had a good little lesson and they invited us back to have lasagna and so that was awesome. I also had a very spiritual experience this week with an investigator.  We started talking to her and we found out that she had a son who died.  Her husband doesn’t have good health either.  I shared with her some scriptures from Alma 40.  I started to cry in that lesson but didn’t shed any tears but it was because I felt the love of God so strong for me but also I felt strongly that this wasn’t about lessons or numbers or whatever it is about souls.  I felt the love God has for that woman.  It was just really a great experience I felt I guess you could say in action Moses 1:39 that God’s work and Glory is eternal life for us.  On Saturday night we also had a nice little devotional on top of the house. We burnt my 2016 calendar and had a great little chat.  Elder King the district leader started a little thingy about what did we learn or get better at this year.  Well, I could say a lot a lot. But  this year to be brief I got better at getting outside myself and reaching out to others even if just by a bit. I feel very good about my accomplishments overall in 2016.  By the way I finished my Bible goal on Saturday Morning so what do you think I did?  Yah that’s right, a BRINSKET sandwich at Firehouse subs.  By the way while we were there they were doing College football playoff pregame so don’t think I didn’t watch.  But anyways 2016 was a great year. I am different even if only a little.  I don’t have a constant worry about something like I used too I don’t worry as much which I guess is good.  I also had a couple of Baptisms and I also am a lot better at reading.  Or at least I read more in on year on my mission than probably all of high school maybe not but a lot.  But Sunday was terrific. I love the Juncos church building it’s great.  I got hooked up with a Teachings of the Presidents of the Church Gordon B. Hinckley book. What else?  Sorry if this email is really unorganized.  Anyways, see ya this year!

Elder Glazierimg_4111


P.S. How does 2017 look on me?

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