We are possible of more than we think.

Hello. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day.  I did.  This week was a pretty good week even considering that it was Christmas week.  We still managed to find some new people and teach.  This morning we got the transfer call and I will be returning to the Caguas zone.  I will be going to Juncos. We saw some Christmas lights this week.  I can’t really remember too much. I did an Exchange and went with Elder Cheme.  Yesterday we had a great little Sacrament Meeting. I got to bless the Sacrament.  The branch provided some gifts for us.  I want to give a thank you shout out to Uncle Jay and family and the Glazier Ward  and his family for the Christmas packages.  Also thanks to all others who sent me stuff and especially thanks to my family who sent me a great package with great items!img_39661

This week I ate well for breakfast. I had bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, toast for breakfast on the daily this week.  Also, I bought myself a little jarcito of green olives with pimiento. My Christmas experience was enhanced this year by the service activities of Light the World. One day I gave away some clothes and by third favorite activity in the world besides eating and listening to Jumping Jack flash is getting rid of things out of my life so I gave away some clothes to a member and he ended up leaving with us and his mom gave us potatoes so I learned that Serivice IS something for me and also as we do it we wil never be able to give more than we receive.img_39711

Now, I would like to bore you with some information about goals that I’ve learned this year.  I am going to reach my Bible goal.  I haven’t finished yet but I only have about 150 or so pages left I’ll get that this week.  So I have seen that things are possible if you put forth the effort. I also learned that we are possible of more than we think. My original goal was just the bible. But this year I have also read the mission library, the book of Mormon, the new testament, etc.  Even though my goal was supposed to be on TOP of studies I still have read a lot.  I also say that because I thought a year would be a good goal for the Bible but I have also read basically all of it in about 7 months of the year.  I have also learned though that goals should be compatible with your life.  They should fit your life.  Even thought the bible is good to read.  My time could have been better used studying spanish and for my investigators.  So  to sum up, goals are acoomplishable but it is better to set goals for your life that will enhance not distract.

So for example Laurence and Kaal you could set the goal to go on two dates in the year 2017.  I’ll even help you with the ideas: first date take a girl to see your awesome brother’s homecoming in June. Second date, take a girl to Tyler’s  wedding reception in December ( after all there will be delicious salads and churrasco and a free toutorial on ” how I got to this point before you” ) Also it’s  very good thing the misionary age limit was only dropped to eighteen or else you might be facing defeat against a teenager who never has a new joke and is repeating himself constantly over the same joke that maybe was funny the first time but he just keeps trying harder. So unfortunately Kaal and Laurence this just got a little worse because I just realized another horrible ( theory becoming fact) that, if these jokes are funny you lose and I win because the people are laughing at my jokes about you. But let’s look at the alternative. I am bothering people a lot, and annoying and people are starting to get embarasssed at my jokes and starting to say to themselves ” wow Tyler SHUT UP”  Let’s just say that’s the situation okay. An anoying and stupid missionary won’t be quiet about your singleness. I still win because if that missionary gets married before you, not only are you getting beat out to marriage by a younger brother who gave you two years head start who eats bread and tomatoe sauce who wears MULLETS to school but also one who is incredibly obnoxious and the poeple hate his jokes. Do you HONESTLY want that?  I mean if your brother was Britain Covey or Tom Brady or Brad Pitt then people would understand. But what would people think of you if they see I have a girl with me at whatever public event and you guys come rolling up with nice phones, nice beards, muscles and no girl? They would question themselves and ask if they are in reality when they see a guy with no phone, a buick, sandals and pleated olive green shorts and   and orange shirt eating bread and tomatoe sauce but he has the girl  ( by the way just realized that I took those handicaps a bit too far) But you see Elder Glazier and Elder Glazier oh wait they are not in the mission anymore just thought so from the way they still keep the rule” do not flirt, or associate in anyway inaproppiate with girls” from the white handbook. You see Laurence and Kaal this ins’t about me or you it’s about protecting the public sanity and reality. We can’t have them see unusual things..

The point is if you are a missionary maybe a better goal would have been study the whole spanish book this year.  Or study 20 minutes a day for investigators.  Don’t set a goal of touchdowns you’ll score if you are a basketball player.  I hope I am making sense. Anyways, good luck selecting your new year’s resolutions and may they enhance your life and callings and responsibilities.   Anyways. There’s my email. What do you fill your email with when you don’t have anything to write about? Making fun of Laurence and Kaal.

Happy New Year.
Elder Glazier

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