I was honestly disappointed

       This week was like a candle it burned by, you know how candles are just something that go by, yeah our week was like that. But this week we didn’t have the best week ever but it’s over and in the books and time travel doesn’t exist only in the mind of an Elder who has been on his mission for 18 months ( just about but rounding up is the fad of 2016).  The point is is it’s over you know?  Like the Broncos winning the super bowl. Over like Seminary at Timpview High for me over. Like Laurence and Kaal’s singleness……Wait, Is that over?  Am I in a dream?  OH yeah now I remember there singleness will NEVER be over based off of my data.  I don’t know if this stuff made sense too much but sometimes you just gotta change up the stuff you know. Sometimes when the crispy chicken Sandwich at Wendy’sisn’t getting the job done for ya you need to get the Baconator for lunch like I did today.  Well, anyways, this week we found a lot of investigators.img_39861

       In our Zone Conference with Elder Gonzalez from the Seventy, President Boucher taught us that people are being prepared in our areas right where we are and right now. My testimony grew of that this week. We basically found four new investigators that live in consecutive houses on this one street which was cool. At least they all live close and on the same street. Saturday night though was a miracle we were over on that street where we had found some people to teach.  We saw this lady and started talking to her they had just taken some seats and were going to go relax and talk or whatever so they invited us over with them and we ended up teaching them.  The Mother had already gone to church a long time ago so she knew it was good.  But we got to the end of the lesson and were talking about church but the Mom had to go to work on Sunday morning and didn’t think the children could go but then Gaysha the daughter said something and I could tell she wanted to go.  We ended up committing her to go but then yesterday she didn’t come I was disappointed.  But that was a powerful lesson and learning experience this week because I am convinced she will be baptized.  I know that the Lord, like President Boucher taught us, is preparing people here and now in our neighborhoods.  But also on Sunday her not coming taught me something too. I got so happy on Saturday night like one of those times when I get SO happy do you know what I’m talking about?  Just imagine what I would be like if I had just had churrasco for dinner and sodalicious and you had bought be Michelin tires for my car, and you had given me a new pair of asics and etc. THAT is like how I felt but better. So when she didn’t come to church on Sunday I was honestly disappointed and I was anxiously watching the door and outside waiting and hoping for her to come.  So When it didn’t happen I felt a little hollow but the good thing out of it is that I learned that I am making steps forward. I felt for the first time like I actually cared or loved the people in other words, a lot of times I don’t come out of myself I guess.  I just do the work during the week and whether or not investigators come I feel good in church and happy to be there but this week it was like I was more like a real missionary who cared. That sounds really bad and It’s not to say that I’m a horrible person or whatever but I am making small steps forward to care about others or at the very least I was actually a little sad a disappointed on Sunday but in a good way! It felt more real and that I was excited and disappointed.img_39761

       I also, had a very very reflective experience this week.  One of the recent converts Maricarmen was having trouble this week with her son. We arrived at the house and found her emotional and crying and had had a horrible day.  It was because she felt abandoned and not really appreciated by her son.  She lives alone with him but she was destroyed because he wouldn’t go with her anywhere, wouldn’t spend time with her and wouldn’t even show his love and appreciation with her. My feeling was I felt bad for her but I also realized and it cut me up a little how much I was like that before the mission. I realized how into my world was and how many times I missed out on img_39801spending quality time with my parents or even just talking to them But the point is I am really bad at that and It got to me how emotionally effected parents can be.  They give EVERYTHING for me and don’t really get much back.  But Mom and Dad I want to wish you a Merrry Christmas and want to apologize for the many many times I was stuck in my own little world and didn’t really give a rip.  The Mother of this boy here even mentioned how her giving him the electronic items and what not was out of love and it just makes the situation worse.  Wow who does that remind me of ME.  I get a phone because my parents love me and what did I do? Text, text text text text text text text text and text oh yeah what else did I do? TEXT TeXT TEXT.  Anyways I saw a nice mirror this week of my high school self. BARF  But what is our Heavenly Father’s plan?  To progress so maybe just maybe when I get back in six monthcitos I will at least be better that I was in the old days. Maybe I will say yes to a fishing trip with Dad or yes to a night out to dinner with Mom and Dad. Anyways for now it’s all talk but if the Spirit keeps stirring my heart and I change I will be a good boy one day. I don’t think I wrote this email very good but overall the week was a very heart stirring one and interesting and I had a few experiences that were very spiritual and ones to learn from.  To some up this was my week

1) Found a lot of people

2) Made progress because I was disappointed that the investigator didn’t come

3) Realized more deeply this week how much I was in my own little world in High School when I saw a Mother Crying because her son wouldn’t go with her anywhere or talk or love her.

Merry Christmas.

Elder Glazier


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