Kathy’s Baptism

       Howdy!  This weekend was AWESOME!  We had Kathy’s baptism.  It surely was a great thing to be seeing the fruits of the labors again.  I love baptisms because the Spirit is there and also it is a nice feeling of your work paying off.  Even though I wasn’t the first one to talk to Kathy or anything, I received the blessing to be able to teach and be a part of her baptism.  The other Elders also had a baptism.  We four sang ” Mas cerca Dios de ti” and it was super good.  The hand of the Lord was very prevalent this week as we still had quite a bit to teach.  We just almost crammed it all in but Kathy is really prepared and committed well to the commandments.


       We are starting to come out of the afflictions in the house a little bit at least.  The handy man worked on the kitchen sink and got the showers fixed so now there is actually pressure. So those were some more blessings.  We found some new people this week too.  But we need to find BAPTISMS.  We talked to this one guy who used to live in Ohio.  He has a bad arm and we taught him about the plan of salvation.  It was a cool experience to be able to testify to people that one day their body can and will be perfect.  That guy actually said a lot of things that we teach.img_39631

       I have been doing the initiative Christmas service things and those are great.  There was one this week that said”send a note to a family member or friend who lives far from home ” or something like that so I’m hoping you all took that for “Yes, I will send Tyler a special kind of note that has a picture of Ben Franklin on it” That would be great folks!  But on a more serious “note” it is good to be serving in the Christmas season.  I really liked the lesson in Priesthood yesterday.

       We all need to remember that wherever we are or whatever calling we have in the church, we are important.  If we don’t receive recognition for our service, it’s okay because God knows we served. And for that I want to tell Mom, thank you for your important calling as a Mother even though you don’t get recognition for it.  Some of the most important tasks, responsibilities and everything are under the radar.  Thanks to the Congers and Clarks for sending me their Christmas card.


Elder Glazier

Merry Christmas


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