I Finished the Old Testament

img_39421        Good day.  Hello, I had a good week.   We had some good little lessons this week. On Monday we taught these girls but we need to get permission from the parents. They accepted to read and the baptismal date though.  We also found a lady on Tuesday night in Coamo and she also accepted a Baptismal date.  That was our strong point this week, putting baptismal dates. 
     Our only member present lesson was when we taught Kathy in Maricarmen’s house. We watched the 20 minute restoration video then taught the ten commandments and the Word of wisdom which she accepted good. This Saturday should be her Baptism. So that is something very good!  The mission had 52 Baptisms in November which is the most this mission has had in a long time. 
     Wanda gave her testimony yesterday which was so great.  She talked about all the lies and stuff about our church and I was thinking about how that’s why Elder Bednar said and the scriptures say “Come and See” because until you actually come to this church and see the great things that are in it, you won’t ever know. That has been something that I have learned here in the mission a lot of people don’t accept us but it’s not worth getting mad because some people just simply don’t know what they are saying no to. I think Elder Aguilar said that but it is one of the greatest things I’ve heard. It is not a good thing but if people only knew the joy, blessings and forgiveness they are missing out on, it would be different. But agency is important. 
     We went to the metro area on Wednesday for Elder Leon’s stomach because he has been throwing up a lot lately.  We have been sharing the Light the World video and it has been working well for us.  We have gotten a few return appointments off that.  This week we got our monthly money so I bought sandwich stuff because I have had a lot of beans and rice so I changed it up and I actually ate cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce this week so I am sure that helped my body. 
     I also finished the Old Testament. Wow, that was a long haul but I started in January and most of that I have done since about June and July.  It is going to be tough real tough to finish the New Testament before the year burns out because I am marking EVERY single JST in the footnotes and reading them and going to the appendix and reading those.  So wish me luck to see if I can meet my 2016 new year’s resolution.  I know it’s possible because I read the Book of Mormon in less days and more pages.  Anyways,  that’s a little bit about my week. This email isn’t very long but oh well.  Attached are a couple of less-than-Laurence Glazier climbing redwoods prowess-taken selfies from Thanksgiving. Q:  Do Laurence and Kaal have dates to go see the world’s most beautiful Christmas light set up in Salt Lake City’s Temple Square? A: You can just save yourself some time and not reply I know the answer is a definite NO.  Merry Christmas. Enjoy all the treats including Safelite Auto glass toffee yum.
Elder Glazier

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