“Divina Luz”

          Another fantastic week is in the books.  Let me just open this email by saying that this week I ate SALAD with cucumbers and tomatoes with Zesty Italian dressing.  Do I need to say more that that?  Yes I do.  We had zone conference with Elder Gonzalez from the seventy.  It was an awesome conference and not only because I ate fresh SALAD with tomatoes and cucumbers but also because we were uplifted by teachings of President Boucher, Elder Gonzalez and Elder Gonzalez wife.  I learned an awesome quote from President Kimball “bretheren the spirit of this work is urgency” I learned more about how we are called here for a specific reason and the Lord is preparing people here and now.  I also learned that the Book of Mormon teaches a bunch about Charity. I even had the thought about Captain Moroni. I think he was full of charity. Even though he was a war general for the Nephite armies he LOVED his people so much that he fought for their freedom and even if he was called upon to kill the Lamanites I am sure that he had a love for them and a desire for their welfare but had to defend his people.  I also learned more about integrity.  Integrity is living in accordance with what we know. If we are full of integrity, when we know something is right we do it and when we know something is wrong we don’t.img_39301

        I had a great Thanksgiving.  We got fed so I can’t complain, only thank.  I felt happy as I talked with the people about blessings and about our greatest blessing of Christ.  I talked to these Catholic people and was just saying a lot of things that sound good and make us feel good but sometimes I just get so filled with some kind of joy I just almost cry!  Those people had a son in Chile and I can’t remember but now and maybe that day I was reminded of that time when I broadcasted the Timpview vs. Spanish Fork basketball game to Chile where my fans were.  That was the best thing ever besides learning to drive stick and Lake Powell and of course Pecan Pie. Next year I want pecan pie oh yes.  Okay well I got of topic there the point is I had a good conversation with these people and I hope to teach them because we started it off well.         Now, this week we also had some spiritual lessons. Kathy our investigator is looking good for the December 10 Baptismal date.  I had a very special experience last night when we taught Kathy.  We taught the third lesson the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The lesson was good but I almost cried again as I testified to her about repentance. I just told her from personal experience that the Lord forgives that as we repent we can do it and make it to the celestial kingdom.  I felt a little worried about inviting her to repent like the invitation “will you repent of your sins” because I just feel like it’s bold but we are the ones with authority to do it and when I invited her to do it she said yes. It is always cool to see yourself doing what Alma and Amulek did and to compare those scriptures to what we do. img_39241

        I am in a good mood today so that is good right?  I am sometimes down but sometimes I just have so much Joy.  You know what I’m talking about?  I don’t know if I would do it at home but I have found something in the mission. When I am down and worried people notice but when I am up and beaming people notice and by the way that beaming got us a plate of food  on Thanksgiving. I mean maybe they would have given it anyways but I remember that contact I was happy and smiling and beaming and I ended up getting the goods from it. 
        What else happened this week?  I read more in the bible and I am about 15 pages away from finishing the Old Testament.  Wanda who I taught with Elder Flores got baptized on Saturday.  It was awesome!  Honestly it is always cool when they are your baptisms but we all know the important thing here is that they do get baptized and are filled with that joy. I shared my testimony in the Baptismal service and also I had another piano experience. The Elders didn’t have anyone else so they asked me I knew one of the hymns but I ended up just playing the right hand of “Divina Luz” number 48 in Spanish so I had the help of Lord but I also have special attention for the number 48 cause my jersey number. But anyways I practiced it a little before the service and ended up just going for it. The nice thing is this, nobody expected me to play perfect at least maybe not. After all this isn’t the 2016 Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert.  So it worked out.  The piano had a problem too it would like randomly play a loud note it was an electrical one.  But it was just one of those experiences again where you just enjoy it or should enjoy it not stress it. img_39261
       I have been wearing my contacts lately and I have or had a little glasses tan line LOL at me.  #whiteboyfromprovoservingunderthecaribeanultravioletradiationskills.  People tell me I am skinnier but when I have weighed I’m like 190 so yeah.  My feet are doing better. No ingrown toenails right now and the toes have callassed a little bit.  ( however you spell calased?)  I found some cool verses in the Book of Mormon today. I learned that the Nephites kept the Sabbath day holy, and I learned a proof or a sustaining verse about that theme of the point of Teaching is repentance and change of heart. Because I saw that in Jarom today. Well I think that it about it folks.
        Just remembered something!!! You’ll like this, I don’t know for sure I don’t think so but I could be wrong but this might be revelation check this out. We were talking to an investigator this week and she graduated in business administrations.  As we talked about that she told us about a thought or desire she had to be like the owner of what? Did I hear that right? YES I DID. she was talking about maybe being an owner of an Elderly people’s home like a rest home! So then I think, hmmm? Business administrations maybe is my major and soon I”ll have the cash rolling in for GLAZIER REST HOMES when R. Laurence Glazier and C. Kaal Glazier sign on the list at 30 years old.  The point is this brethren you have one month left in the election year because in 33 days it’s what? 2017? NO NO NO do you know what happens is 2017 Kaal and Laurence?  Yeah that’s right ELDER GLAZIER WON”T BE ELDER GLAZIER HE”LL BE MR FIX UP THE BROKEN HEARTS OF THE PROVOITE WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You boys have 7 Months and “Murdock, I’m coming to get you!” “no I don’t hate my brothers but I pity the fools” Alright obviously I love my brothers. But they are running out of time.  Sorry if I offended you Laurence and Kaal and a sincere sorry but I just get satisfaction out of making these insults to my two local stimulus packaged brothers. If you get annoyed by these literally just tell me to stop sincerely and I can.  Love you Kaal and Laurence!  But never ever forget that “I was born in a cross fire hurricane”
Elder Glazier 
further known as
: Rocky Balboa
and Mr. Tyler J. Glazier
Founder, Owner, and CEO of Glazier Rest Homes ( we accept visa)
801-225-1136 to talk to someone with dating and marriage experience

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