The glorious blessing of teaching an entire family.

       This week was a fantastic week.  We found a lot of people and good prepared people.  Some things happened this week that were totally awesome.  For example two non member families gave us food on Saturday which doesn’t happen at all. We were just contacting and somehow scored two extra meals. But the second family let me tell you that was the best lesson of my mission. It wasn’t like I taught perfectly or anything but it was silent and the family was listening and feeling the spirit. Rarely in my mission if ever have I had the glorious blessing of teaching an entire family.  It was seriously so powerful and cool.  After that we had another glorious experience as we taught an investigator in the house of a recent convert.  After the lesson we watched meet the Mormons with them.  They both cried.  Katy the investigator came to church on Sunday for the second time.  Her son even joined in the primary program. So the blessings were abundant this week.  This week we have Elder Gonzalez the area president coming to talk to us in zone conference. It has been raining a ton lately.  What else?  HAPPY THANKSGIVING  I hope you all enjoy Turkey this week save me some just kidding. I am thankful for my family! 🙂 And a girl just told us she wants us to come share the message so that’s another great blessing!   Have a great day.

Elder Glazier


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