We could end this email right now just with that sentence and it would be fine because WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR IN CHURCH.  Rather, the Lord let us help in his work to be able to find Wanda. She is doing great. The members helped us get her to church, and helped us teach.  So that was a highlight and It always feels great to have an investigator progressing towards covenants.
       This week I did a nice little bit of travel. I made 3 trips to Juana Diaz, the next municipio over.  Those were district meeting, baptismal interview, and Baptism. I was just the driver.  But we needed to go so that Elder Gil could interview the Sister missionaries’ baptismal candidates. I also took Elder Gil to Ponce for a meeting for district leaders and that day I worked with the Zone Leaders in Ponce for a while while Elder Gil was in the meeting.  Then Saturday we went over to Juana Diaz for the baptism of Elder Leon and Elder Gil.  Fast Sunday was great.  I was filled with happiness and joy.       We also have a less active who is close to reactivation. Transfer calls came last night. I am staying in Santa Isabel but I am not with Elder Flores anymore. I am with Elder Leon now finishing his 2nd transfer of training because Elder Gil got called to be Zone Leader in San Juan.  Also Elder Henriod is now the new zone leader in Ponce which is great because he teaches me good stuff and he’s a great guy. He was my MTC companion and District Leader in Cayey. So that will be good!  I think because of his advice the Guayanilla members like me a lot.  I learned this week that as I lose myself in the service of others, I am filled with energy, happiness, and just I feel better.  I tried yesterday to really focus on the investigator less active member and It was amazing. I was feeling good and I had an ablility to cope with the many little things that were going on.  I was with Elder Gil this week and we were by a mall and we were contacting some people and sure enough we just find this lady who is super prepared who had been praying for guidance because her church is hypocritic or some people there she doesn’t feel right and she had been praying. It was amazing and just another example of how this is the Lord’s work not mine. He guides his servants to do his work.  I am in Ezekiel so do you think I will finish?  I finished Our heritage this week which was great and full of tremendous stories. Really it was a fantastic week. Six pack project is not doing well Laurence might win…  Anyways. Love you all have a great week!

Elder Glazier


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