Hello.  This week was a week. We really didn’t have a great week but some things happened that made it super good so it was a good and a bad week.  Tuesday was a hard day.  I for some reason just find myself so dang tired sometimes but I just kind of persevered and we ended up finding a really cool family so it was another example of how when we endure there are blessings waiting us. 
       Wednesday was a day of blessings. We went to Wanda our investigator and had a great lesson.  We put a new baptismal date with her and when we invited her to read the book of Mormon, she said she already knows it’s true.  So that was definitely cool.  I feel like her baptismal date is actually a real baptismal date that she is actually progressing toward.  We got a ride from members.  That same day the branch President also gave us pizza.  So the highlight of the week is Wanda. We had three good visits with her. Mostly we are just bringing her friendship and somebody to talk to. So she talks a lot but it’s okay because she is going to get baptized. I feel it and know it! img_39051
       It has been raining a lot lately.  Also 3 out of the 4 Santa Isabel Elders have had problems with health in this transfer. First it was Elder Leon with his nasty eye infection, then I had my nice little allergic reaction, then this past week my companion has had stomach pain.  So Sister Boucher has not had a shortage of calls from us.  Our house is afflicted. The showers are not good. The Bathroom sealing leaks and so the floor gets a puddle especially when it rains, the fridge doesn’t seal the best you have to make sure it seals well, the kitchen sink is clogging again etc.  The Chevy Cruze though is working well! 
       This weekend we had a great stake conference. I have developed a love for stake conference on the mission. Part of that is that I like the adult meeting on Saturday night. What could be a better Saturday night activity than singing, praying and listening to talks?  So that was a great little uplift.  I also was super happy to see all of my Guayanilla member friends.  It’s funny how I was only there six weeks but they were six GREAT weeks and now I have some great friends there. All from just smiling and joking around. One of the sisters even gave me and my companion a Snickers so I can’t complain. img_39021
       Speaking of Complaining. It’s THANKSGIVING SEASON!  I forgot to include it in my email last week but let us all take advantage of the beautiful opportunity to THANK and GIVE this month.  Because I just had the thought just now, If we really love Christmas and want to enjoy that season the best thing we can do is give thanks this month and then enjoy even more blessings during the month of December.  I just really believe that Thanksgiving is an important holiday that get’s neglected by a holiday with more importance.  I love Christmas no doubt. It’s true meaning is perhaps the most important besides Easter but also we have thanksgiving to give thanks and as we do so we will receive more blessings.  Not to mention we go and throw down FOOD and more food to celebrate.  And if you don’t think you have blessings well here you go here’s a few just for living in this century:
1) Atonement  2) Restoration of the Gospel  3) Salad  4) Galaxy S7  5) Air Conditioning  6) Shoes  7) Computers  8) Running Water  9) Washing machines  10 ) Life
So anyways there are countless blessings.

         And if none of those you think are blessings just be thankful for the opportunity that I am gone and not bugging you by calling you a kneecap or an oil reservoir or a canteen pouch or a LUGNUT.  Or just be thankful that I don’t call you a local stimulus package in the midst of a Caucus. or a rancho wrench or a splendid aspercranapple or a swine or whatever. That’s got to be a blessing that someone doesn’t call you those things right?  So yesterday we went to Ismael’s after church and had rice and beans and on the side we had chicken breast with olive oil, peppers, green olives with pimento, lettuce, and onion. WOW that’s good.  Well, have a great week and count your many blessings! img_38911

Elder GLazier


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