“Brother, I’m committed.”

       First off I want to assure you my health is intact except for my three blisters and a sore leg. But I’m doing well health wise. Sorry for the scare.  But this week is the same old story: Lots of new investigators, nobody in church.  But, we can’t give up. That’s never an option. 

       This week, let me see what I remember.  We, well, we sweated, it rained yesterday, an stuff. I learned something cool in Preach my Gospel. The objective of our teaching is to help investigators have faith and repent.  I ate Taco Bell twice.  I think this will be a short email sorry. I didn’t take notes this week. 

       We did have a great lesson when I tried super hard to just have faith and confidence. I was prompted to share some scriptures from 1 Samuel 7 about Church attendance.  So I shared it with him and then my companion extended the invitation to go and after a hard working lesson, he committed to come to church. Now Mark and Joe, you’ve already heard my committed speech but here it goes. To me to commit to something means ONE option. You said you’d do something and you DO IT. Commit to me means nothing but you are going to do it. No option.  This speech comes from something I think is a complete oxymoron. Athletes say they “commit” to a school to play sports and then do a non existent “decommit” to me that doesn’t make sense that word is not a word. If you really commit to something there is no turning back. I love a story from President Uchtdorf that says,”Brother, I’m committed” Remember it Dad? We used it home teaching once and those words are forever in my mind. Young brothers are cliff jumping and once one jumps the other brother says wait, should we really do this?  and the brother in the air is like. Brother, I’m committed.  Or something like that. But anyways I have strict beliefs on the word commitment.  I know I’m not good at keeping commitments so I’m a hypocrite and I probably don’t understand the word. The point is our investigator so called “committed” to go to church but didn’t. But I can’t judge him or anything like that. Bruce Brockbank Sr. taught me something very important and true once. We can’t judge these people who we are with. We don’t know the Lord’s time table and we don’t know if they are ready. So forward we go to find people like Minerva! 🙂  I know they are out there I just have to find them.  The point is is that that lesson was really good. I felt like a champion when he said ” yo voy”.    

         Another cool thing happened this week. I  think it is the first time it’s ever happened in my life. I was in Walgreens and as I walked by this mother and her daughters, I thought of something funny or something that made me do the Tyler Smiler if you know what I mean I think the bright beams of my Tyler Smiler got to them because when I passed them the second time upon return, they said something TO ME. Yes you read that right, I didn’t start the conversation. I ended up talking to them a little bit and even thought it didn’t amount to anything I felt super awesome that my smile and beaming face got to them. 

         I am also happy that today we got a chevy cruze for the car and some other Elders took the Toyota away. I don’t like Toyotas. Nope. I like Honda and Ford and Churrasco and Salad and also Orange Juice but do you see with your eyeballs Toyota in that list? No. No. No. I also ate tomatoes and lettuce yesterday which is always good. Ismael Is this awesome member who feeds us every sunday. I also just remembered on a wall in Guayanilla se encuentra a grafiti of Mr. T NO JOKE. I wanted to take a photo with it but never did…. What else?  I finished True to the Faith on Saturday night so now I only have Our Heritage and Our search for Happiness left to finish the mission library. Yesterday I read like 43 pages in the book of Jeramiah and the best chapter was the first even though Jeramiah 16:16 is super awesome.  I think reading all of that spanish made my head hurt a little. But I WANT THAT GOAL. I just need to finish the Old Testament and from there I will start using the new testament in personal and language study most likely.  Hey check it out the email turned out not bad for length. Thanks to my speaking of random things that don’t matter. 

Elder Glazier


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