An oddball week with lots of little adversities.

img_38911       This week’s happenings: I  had a moment when I literally thought I was going to die, had an allergic reaction, watch broke( then got fixed), we forgot to put out the trash, nobody came to church, rain, rain rain rain rain, my glasses got a part of the lense scraped off or something so now there is a permanent mark there, spoke in church, etc.

So, yes, this week really wasn’t too bad. Just an oddball week with lots of little adversities. As far as the work went, well the same old thing. We found people and put more baptismal dates but nobody came to church. Sunday morning we got to get a pre Sacrament meeting workout in walking to a recent convert’s house who was asleep so we went there for nothing and then the investigator that the recent convert was going to help us retrieve was seemingly asleep too. But it’s okay.  It rained a ton this week.  A nice stormy storm came in and one morning the thunder was waking me up. In our bathroom its a porqueria o sea. The ceiling leaks water and there was a puddle in there. I think it has another leak somewhere but yeah so our bathroom was a joke no, IS a joke but oh well.  Sorry if this seems like I’m complaining I am just telling you that we didn’t have the best week. Later in the email I’ll get to the good stuff.

       So yeah, this week we were with some people and it was just kind of lightly raining and then faster than Usain Bolt get’s out of the blocks a storm started blowing. And we were right by the ocean so I thought a hurricane had arrived I literally prayed. I prayed. I for a moment thought I was going to die and I’m not really joking I think my companion took a picture of my serious face more stern than Bronco Mendenhall’s.  So yeah I prayed and I thought to ask for forgiveness for my sins but I thought it no use. It’s another example of how we always need to be ready for unexpected moments.

       On Saturday we went to a service project and I received a punishment I deserved for having a bad attitude. At first when my companion got the phone call I was like ” I don’t want to do service” but listen to this the T Glaz miracle change story continues.   I just remembered another thing too. Listen to the amazing things that happened this week. I ate a breakfast sandwich like 16” long from a member this week that had MAYO and guess what I LOVED IT. Not necessarily the mayo but man that sandwich was so dang good. ham, eggs, mayo, TOMATO,  lettuce I think and I had a malta with it too which is a barley soda.  Okay back to the service. Guess what I did and actually enjoyed a little bit?? PULLING WEEDS. Just think of it, ebenezer t glaz scrooge who would wail like a whale when I had to weed the front planter actually kind of enjoyed weeding on Saturday!! First piano, then mayo, then Weeding oh by the way I like hand washing mom so don’t even worry one bit anymore! What’s next do you suppose? Am I going to eventually like the Sun beating upon my skin and causing me to sweat? Am I going to love being tired?  I don’t know but the mission is changing things for me.  By the way my feet are taking a beating on the mission. A beating.  But it’s okay. Okay now I also discovered something this week. I DO have allergies. I was just sitting there eating some lunch after the weeding and all of the sudden I start itching and within about 10- 20 minutes my body was red from head to foot and I had lumps too. So I don’t know what that was about. The only thing I think maybe caused it was some salami but I have eaten those kinds of meats before. I also think I got bit by an ant or two weeding. My had was a little swollen still on Sunday.  But I went home and took some Benedryl and slept and man I honestly didn’t feel 100% well afterwards.  So that wasn’t really ideal.  What else?




The good stuff now. There were times this week when we felt unexcited and down and my companion was like hey contact those people or something so we did and ended up putting baptismal dates. It just shows us that the Lord’s blessings continue. Even though our investigators didn’t come to church, I at least was able to talk to them on Friday via phone call. That just itself is a blessing. I saw the ocean a few times including Sunday morning and that morning it was glass man perfectly skiable.  I am learning from my companion good things. I realize I need to care more and love more. I need to worry and love these people and care for there salvation more.  I got to speak yesterday and I pulled out yet again what is becoming probably my favorite topic. Gratitude. I also spoke on sharing the gospel to show our gratitude for it. It was a missionary farewell too and man, I’ll go where you want me to go is a great hymn.  I’m doing well though so don’t worry.  “Forward pressing forward” right?  I woke up at five this morning to use the bathroom and I ended up sweeping and mopping the house for the next two hours. I’ll tell you this, I may not be the best most successful missionary but I know that I put in effort to have a clean house. I receive and will receive blessings for that at least right? I also do the dishes a lot. Yeah it’s hard sometimes but I also like doing it. But who am I do complain? Mom did this stuff everyday for the last 25 or thirty years pretty much. So Mom thank you. I definitely think I understand how you feel a bit more now and I hope that I will be able to help you out when I get home.  I also have slowed up on my Bible reading. I am in Isaiah and my goal is to finish before the year ends. I also want to finish the mission library books: Our Search for Happiness and True to the Faith and Our Heritage. I got some nice length on this email. Well. I hope everything goes well this week. Don’t forget, “I was born in a Cross-fire hurricane.”


Elder Glazier

PS My hamstrings are still sore from weeding. LOL at my body that is in perfect condition for walking, sleeping, preaching and most of all EATING, and nothing else or else I have problems.


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