Super cool people that say those golden statements

        Greetings from Santa Isabel and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandpa Cook.  Love you Grandpa.  This week was super great, except for the fact that nobody came to church…….  It’s a cycle Every week, I feel like I work hard and then the fruits aren’t in church on Sunday so more member work is needed. But, even still it was a great week we found a ton of people and put a ton of baptismal dates. 

       On Tuesday after writing, we got a ride from the place back near where we live by a returned missionary sister missionary and her dad and dad’s girlfriend. They were on vacation. She was from Bountiful and totally knows Sam Cusick so that was a fun little connection.  Speaking of that we hitch hike here because some of the places we work are super far for walking. But it has worked wonderfully. This week we even got to ride with a politician who is running we rode with him in his van thing with all the advertising stuff on the exterior. It rained some days this week. Man, when it rains heavy the streets flood here.  The cars start putting off wakes haha.  And I started thinking about like man, imagine water skiing on these streets behind a car or something. So it was raining one night and we took cover under a tent thing and there was this guy there and I decided to ask him if we could share a message. He said yes and we ended up putting a baptismal date with him.  With our other investigator Luis I felt good when he prayed because when he prayed he said the stuff I had taught and I don’t really teach that well. So when he said the stuff I was grateful because I knew he understood.  We keep finding super cool people that say those golden statements.

        On Saturday we taught a woman who said she always had wanted to learn about the church.  Another woman we taught said she was inside and heard a voice tell her to go sit outside. And this is a different woman that the other one we have already met. So we have good lessons and Sunday came and nobody came to church.  But that’s why we can always improve and exercise the good attribute of patience. 

       Poor Elder Leon this week got a bacterial infection in his eye so President Boucher was down here twice this week.  Elder Leon is Elder Gil’s junior greenie companion in his second week. His eye was literally so swollen he couldn’t open it. When President Boucher was here looking at it he calls sister Boucher and describes Elder Leon’s eye something like this ” picture Rocky Balboa’s eye in Rocky one or two before they cut it open” and literally that was about as correct as anyone could describe it. The next day it got even worse so president came down and Elder Leon is now healing with medicine and things. When I asked president Boucher if Elder Leon’s eye or my toe was grosser or whatever he still bids the toe so I still have the most grotesk infections.

       Overall a great week and we worked hard. But we need to keep doing it and even more and different things to see people in the Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.  Last night we went out and we talked to these guys fishing so I was blessed with another opportunity to use the story from the scriptures about the Savior calling to fisherman to come follow him.

       Have a great week! Let me know if it starts getting cold, because I’ll just keep sweating and sweating and caking my arms and face with sunscreen and bug repellent and sweating and sweating and sweating and using way awesome hats from Walmart to protect my precious skin from ultra violet radiation. I may not be the best missionary but I guarantee you I am at least one of the most diligent with sunscreen and bug repellent. My skins shines in the sun. This email is super gross I know but not as gross as the two bathrooms I cleaned this morning. YUCK but anyways. Have a great week.img_36301

Elder Glazier  


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