Hard work is like the offensive line.

            Hello!  I am writing on Tuesday because there are so many Monday holidays and things that happen. Every time there is Monday holiday the public or whatever writing places for computers are shut down!  So yeah. My first week in Santa Isabel was absolutely great. Most of that is due to the fact that my companion works so HARD.  He is from Nicaragua, is 19, Elder Flores.  But we are working hard and that is like having a good offensive line in football. Hard work is like the offensive line. The other things you can work with.  But yeah.
          We were walking down the street and we talked to this guy. He is a security guard for a fried chicken restaurant but his name is Luis and we have had some great lessons with him this week.  We took a member there to teach with us on Sunday and they are friends.  It is always a good experience to see converts share their powerful testimony with others.  I saw a lot of miracles this week.  Not the least of which were just rides from good Puerto Rican strangers but brethren, and members.  It is different here. Santa Isabel is a branch that consists of Santa Isabel and Coamo which is north.  The church isn’t a separate building.  But even though it’s different, I still felt the same sweet feelings going to church on Sunday. I bore my testimony about receiving answers to prayers through general conference.  I testify that if you have a question, If you look it will be answered in General Conference. At least for me. And if I get answers being an imperfect white guy that can’t speak with a puerto rican accent nor play I am a Child of God on the piano, nor cook very good beans, I think you can get answers!  But I really do know it’s real.  It is incredible actually that a speaker talking to members in the entire world gets up and it’s as if he wrote his talk just for you.
         The Santa Isabel house is super big. It’s actually a house with two bathrooms and several bedrooms with AC in them that makes me cold. but as usual, I arrived and it was a disaster kind of. So what did I do yesterday? Organize the materials shelf and I even slammed my back against a shelf edge.  But as I organized through more liahona maganzines than broken hearts that Kaal and Laurence and I have broken, I thought, well, I have a talent for this and I guess I am blessing others by doing this so yeah.

        The branch president is 26 and his counselor in his twenties I would imagine too. Yesterday we had mission meeting number two of my mission. It was a testimony meeting and I gave my testimony there too. My companion was first and I was third. I jumped up there quick because I knew I would just be there churning and churning if not.  Afterwards, another blessing happened. I ate breakfast burritos.  Thank you all for your prayers.

Elder Glazier


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