Santa Isabel Here I Come

          I am leaving Guayanilla and going to Santa Isabel which is more to the east again and pretty close to Cayey but part of the Ponce Zone still. My companion is going to be Elder Flores who I don’t know that much about.
         This week was a good week.  We had a Baptism which is always good. I took part because I am in the trio but I don’t really feel like it’s mine. I am basically a third wheel because my companion had to leave Guayanilla.  The Baptismal service was good. I tried to play piano. I played come follow me decently and the closing hymn was I am a Child of God. I didn’t really know it.  But when we were in the church this week and Elder Paniagua was doing the program he wanted to do that hymn so I went and tried to play it. I saw that I could practice it and learn it or so I thought so I spent a lot of time trying to get it down before the Baptism on Friday. We have a little electronic keyboard in the house and I practiced it a bunch, now I have upper back pain and I think that is why. 
         Anyways, on the day of the Baptismal service I didn’t really have it down but I kept practicing. I decided to pray for help and even in the prayer I was still not really willing to play it I just wanted to do the Come Follow Me. But after the prayer I got my confidence up because the Lord blessed me and I was playing it a little better it seemed. So I went with it. In the service I tried to play it and did horribly but it’s okay you know why?  The little kids we baptized and their brother came over to the Piano and started drawing on the chalk board right there and the little brother started running his fingers on top of the notes not playing just touching the piano. So I did my best to crank out the melody or important notes and It turned out not so bad. I was grateful actually for the little boy because it kind of gave me a cover up. I thought maybe these members think it’s the little boy that is causing me to play bad. But even still it was a special experience just to be playing I Am A Child Of God surrounded by children of God a couple of little baptized ones too. 
        So after the baptism we took a little tour of the local Guayanilla art museum. Then on Saturday and Sunday was General Conference.  I had another great experience. My questions were answered. And here are the themes I think of the Conference: Plan of Salvation ( Uchtdorf, Monson) Basic doctrines, Book of Mormon ( Stevenson, Bassett) Repentance( Reeves, Rendlund)  Missionary work ( Elders Anderson and Oaks) so it was super good.  Well, have a great week.  Love!

Elder Glazier


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