” pueblo of awesome jeeps”

         I am in a Trio now.  So I have been working with Elder Paniagua and Elder Cruz.  We worked super hard this week we are talking with everyone we can just about.  We had a pownerountange this week. Some plant in Salinas had an explosion and the whole Island was without electricity.  It didn’t last that long. Happened on Wednesday afternoon and we got the lights back on Thursday night. But we did do weekly planning in the Car with AC because we didn’t have fans in the apartment. 

       I took my first gallon jug shower since last year.  But do you want to know what it was like?  It was like Lake Powell. Here’s why. We live upstairs with an outdoor balcony so it’s like the top of a houseboat. Then people had generators going so it sounded like Lake Powell out there and there was a breeze and 70 about degrees so it felt like Lake Powell.  We bought ice to put in the fridge and also I was using a flashlight so a lot of similarities.img_37221img_37271 

       Guayanilla should be called ” pueblo of awesome jeeps” because I have seen so many awesome Jeeps here. Like old willies and CJ’s so that’s sweet.  Yesterday we didn’t have anyone to come to church with us so we were talking to drunks and other people on the street inviting them to come.  But we didn’t get anyone. Another good “note” though is that I got to play the piano in Sacrament meeting. But I had some bad notes. It’s okay for the most part I played Jesus once of Humble birth well. I was super glad to play. But I was so nervous. My leg was trembling from nervousness which is kind of funny. But yeah that’s a little bit about my week.

img_37191       Did I tell you about my Book of Mormon goal? I want to finish it in one month. I started on Sept. 01 and I am in 3 Nephi. I did it last year in English and this year in Spanish. It’s a good way to get your mind ready for the best weekend all year besides the opener of March Madness. GENERAL CONFERENCE.  I am definitely more diligent in the reading realm of things than I was before!  I also have been doing some abs lately. The six pack I had has diminished a little bit and now I look Like Laurence or Kaal. 😦 We all know in our hearts we cannot afford a third strike to the pitcher named “the Glazier boys have healthy good looking strong bodies”. I need to get it back to reestablish my place as the superior of the Glazier boys.  If your not laughing it’s okay. I know that I try to make people laugh in these emails even if they don’t think it’s funny.

Elder Glazier


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