Mom, I like playing hymns on the Piano.

       Hello.  I didn’t write that many notes and didn’t bring my notes so yeah but It was another week in Guayanilla.  I have been pretty dang smiley and cheerfull these last few weeks.  Let me clue you in on what’s going on more or less. We visit members A LOT.  We aren’t using time to the best of our abilities but I have made a strong effort, one of my best ever if not the best to be cheerful and happy around members.  One thing I have learned here on the mission is that when I am bothered by something it shows in my face, and people can see it!  So when I am feeling like I did something or am doing something wrong I usually go quiet and super serious.  The people say “what’s up?” And of course I don’t want to tell them.  But here in Guayanilla I have made a super diligent effort to just whenever I am with members, to smile, to laugh and things like that. My last district leader told me in my next area I want the members to love Elder Glazier. So Elder Henriod, thank you if you read this email on the mission page, well, know you’re awesome and thanks for the advice because it’s going great. But yeah.  The point is, I am more fun to be around now.  That’s good right?

       I have a couple of ongoing jokes too.  One is just anything about food because I eat about 30% of the members’ supply wherever I go!  The other is my little crush on Monica Puig the Puerto Rican tennis player who won the island’s first gold medal in Rio. So, I haven’t really changed in those regards that I joke and like food an girls.  I have changed though in the regard that I also have a crush on the piano now. Mom get ready for this statement.  Mom, I like playing hymns on the Piano. There you have it. A miracle am I right?  Tell sister Frogley thank you!  In fact, this week I sat down at the church and played for an hour and a half straight I think. Yes, I was pounding the ivories for AN HOUR AND A HALF. When I was younger you could have said Tyler, I will buy you box seats at BYU football this year if you practice piano today, or Tyler I will buy you sodalicious if you practice or Tyler I will let you watch Jack the Pumpkin king and GUN IN THE WEST SILVERADO for the eighth time today if you practice piano and I wouldn’t have done it!  But I actually have a something worthwhile to say here to finish this email.  As I was playing piano this week in the church, A non member showed up who is the brother of a sister here and started listening I was just peacefully playing the hymns and as I played and the non member was there I prayed at least in my heart to Heavenly Father to let the music touch the man’s heart. I hope it worked.

Elder Glazier


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