Diligence is blessing her children

       Hello.  This week was good. On Tuesday the first house we called was a lesson and a Baptismal date. We found people this week but need to do better with members.

       On Wednesday I had an awesome experience. How many times in your life do you get to teach the Gospel 20-30 feet from the ocean?? Not a lot. We went to Playa, that neighborhood super close to the ocean and there, Elder Cruz and I ( on exchange) taught these guys. They were buy a bench and we went over to talk with them. It was super cool, I explained how we are kind of like the Apostles were when Jesus walked on the shoreline and told them to be fishers of men. So I told that little thing and with the ocean right there it was awesome.

       This week I had one of those moments when you realize your parents prophesied. I was at the church and I was like you know, I am going to play some hymns and I started to play We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet and yeah I still somehow have that and Reedeemer of Israel basically memorized. But I think you Mom and Dad told me it would be a blessing on my mission and IT IS A BLESSING.  Can you believe that I had DESIRE to play piano this week?  We were in the church several times and I now how this itch to play piano every time I’m their?  It actually brings me joy and I am not saying that to say it. I literally felt good when I was playing. It brings the spirit and lifts my spirits!! I am definitely grateful that I know some hymns even though I somehow dodged the 25 rule before quitting.  In fact, nobody here knows and when I say nobody, NOBODY. The members want me to play in Sacrament meeting and I am excited to do it. Remember the days of red face lost temperature Tyler pounding the notes when I would mess up?  Or remember all the Ebenezer Scroonge I would do when I needed to Practice?  Well, whatever happened it was so worth it because playing piano brightens my day. I even played in a recent convert lesson we had this week.

       This week I learned more about diligence. We talked about it in our District meeting but diligence at least for me involves an everyday good effort on repetitive things. In 2 Nephi I think 25:23 or something Nephi talks about diligence in their writings to help their children look to Christ.  I shared that with a member this week about how she has work but her diligence is blessing her children and how even with our best effort it’s not enough we need grace. But I told her too about how imagine the diligence of Nephi every single day having to go and engrave each days events. It’s hard enough just writing in the journal everyday but imagine these old timers with some kind of chisel and metal! On Sunday we home taught again with a member.  My avocado intake is at prime levels!

Elder Glazier


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