A lot of Visiting Members and Food

Monday– Cleaned the house, then we ate lunch and left for Penuelas the neighboring municipio to write.  We had bannana cake like twice from members that day.  I took a nap and we taught a less active lesson.

Tuesday– We had a district meeting and afterwards we ate lunch with some members.  I asked her one question and then she seemed to take an interest in my life and starting asking me some questions.  She was super nice.  We had dinner with a member too and even though my skills aren’t good I at least checked the trimmer of hers that was broken and pulled a few times.  I was kind of frustrated but then I decided to talk to my companion rather than stewing inside and it help. I think of it like mental toughness in sports.  You can’t always control everything but you need to have a short memory and just dominate the next play.  I went to Ponce that night because we messed up the exchange really bad me and my companion went uneccesarrily .  Aubrey sent me an AWESOME package.  There is a sister in my district from Timpanogos who knows Sydney sister Evelyn from Lindon so I told her I know Jim Dain the mayor and then my cousins from timpanogos.

Wednesday– It was hot. I ate at burger  king for the first time since arriving at Guayanilla which is progress for me.  We had the special opportunity to help a brother with his home teaching.  These one people have an awesome dune buggie. My companion replaced a light switch which I should know how to do but probably was too busy texting when dad told me how to do it!  We had correlationimg_37711

Thursday- was hot also and I have ingrown toe problems again.  same toe different nail go figure. Actually no figuring necessary it’s called I am not intelligent!  So I will probably take a trip to Caguas one of these days…. AGAIN.

Friday- we went to the neighborhood by the beach and i ate a lobster empanadilla which is like an empanada from chile.  A member took us out to pizza and we also had some sweet guacomole to finish off the night.  My time is running out but Basicallly a lot of visitingmembers and food. I need to work harder.  But anyways you’ll be happy to know that I”m at least smiling more and making people laugh.  I also have eaten about 12 avocadoes the last two weeks sometimes two a day by myself whatever we have.  I passed the football and played pig yesterday!img_37451

Elder GLazier


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