New Barrios (neighborhoods) and Rain

Dear Family and Friends,

       Monday– We did email and then went to Walgreens. After Walgreens we enjoyed a shrimp, meat, rice and beans, and SALAD meal at Minerva’s.  We shared testimonies and said goodbye.  Then we went to Walmart, and Burlington and spent the rest of the day at a barbeque.  I went home and packed up. 

       Tuesday– I said goodbye to Victor and drove to Guayanilla.  I got to see the ocean and drive through Ponce and everything.  This was my most successful exchange from one area to another.  Usually I go through a difficult emotional process ( like what every girl in Provo goes through do to my brothers’ lack of asking them on dates) whenever I have to leave an area. It’s hard to say goodbye to people even when you are only there for a little while your heart gets wrenched every time. And then when I arrive at area’s I feel super lonely again. But this time It wasn’t really like that. When I arrived to Guayanilla I immediately started to aggressively handle the situation. I set up in the apartment pretty quick instead of moping around like I had broken my femer and the world’s churrasco supply had terminated.  Then we started to visit members.  Instead of being super timid and shy and serious I decided to reach out and talk more! Sure enough I started the relationship off well with members.  We ate a delicious dinner at the Bishop’s house.

       Wednesday– We had a lunch cooked by a Columbian Sister. IT WAS GOOD.  Wow I loved that lunch. Rice, Tostones, this bean soup thing and Avocado, Onion and tomatoe in lemon or lime juice. Wow.  We went to this neighborhood in our area that is right on the beach like literally people’s backyards are the ocean. In fact, the barrio is called “Playa.”  We then had correlation that night. 

       Thursday– We went to Barrio Indios.  I saw a few miracles that day. We were walking to a location far away and got a ride. We talked with these people and were able to take refuge from a storm. Earlier that day we rolled up a window that was left open on the car from transfer day right as it started raining.  We ate with a member that day too.

       Friday– It rained so dang hard the road was turning into a river. And you know it’s raining when your car is casting off wake things to the sides like boats do. I cooked rice for the first time since January and it turned out good which made me happy.  We taught Edwin.  We taught a lesson to this investigator Neyeli and I learned from Alma 6 more about how the church in Alma’s time was exactly the same as now. We visited another member and I asked her if there was anyone who shared her schedule to see if maybe she could invite them to church then go afterwards to work. I have been thinking and trying hard in visits this week to look for clues as to what I can ask the members and who I can ask about to get references. 

       Saturday– We went to Penuelas the next municipio over to the right in between us and Ponce.  We got lunch and dinner from Members.  We gave three blessings that day too. Our prayers were answered that day as we were able to find some new people.

       Sunday– I had a good Sunday in church.    A lot of people were there.  The Bishop talked about guilt and happiness.  I smiled and greeted members!  After church we ate with these awesome members the Toro family. I made them laugh talking about food and that felt like the first time in a long time I had made someone laugh!  Does that surprise any of you that I was talking about food when I made them laugh?  There are these two awesome teenage boys here who just got baptized. Jason and Hector Javier. Hector Javier loves football which is rare here. His favorite team is the Giants.  I think I will get along great with him and help him out.  We got a ride home last night which was another little miracle in my book.  Also, Guayanilly reminds me of Idaho. Not really packed and farm land. 

Elder Glazier


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