My new area is Guayanilla

       Good Morning Family and Friends! How are you doing? I’m doing pretty darn well. Let’s start this 2016 Football Season off with AN INVESTIGATOR IN CHURCH!!!!!!!  Dellia came to our Meet the Mormons activity and church on Sunday. Hermana Milagros helped a lot.  So Tuesday we decided to work with members rather than contact so we went to a member’s house and shared a little message then the member told us about an experience that he had had recently that was amazing. He needed gas to get home and he was running a trimmer or something, and he had prayed for money and also another man needed gas when a 20 Dollar bill ( side note I heard that they are taking Andrew Jackson off the 20….. 😦 boooo)  appeared in the air. It was amazing.  Then we aprovechared and invited their son’s friend to the activity.  So it was good. Going in I felt unsure and in the lesson too. I didn’t know exactly what to do. But we did what we could.
         Wednesday we cleaned up Victor’s patio.  I learned to pay attention more.  We taught with the Bishop with Dellia.  We taught Ismael also. And this week in Cayey there was a big festival.  Thursday we went and tried to contact at night and my companion got so fetching mad a the Boricua’s he just quit.  It was actually kind of funny because he then went on a rant a RANT. He started saying all these offensive things about the Puerto Rican culture in like scriptural language like ” O cierto os digo que si vais adelante asi de incredulo de cierto de cierto os digo que peresceis. O generacion incredulo y incuo”  things like that all the way home. he also was like OH you think a glass of water will save you huh?  Well it would if you could fit in it to be Baptized.  Because the Puerto Ricans always are willing to give us water to drink.  So we went back home. Victor was cooking because the Zone Leaders were coming ot do an exchange there because Cayey is a good meeting point right off the 52. So we had a little gathering there with 8 missionaries.
         I just have notes to Thursday. But Saturday we had a good activity with watching meet the Mormons.  Dellia came. Along with members and a neighbor came too thanks to the other Elders.  It was good.  Sunday was FABULOUS.  Dellia came to church. So that was a fantastic thing to see on my LAST SUNDAY IN CAYEY.  Yes, tomorrow I’ll leave.
       My new area is Guayanilla. It is located toward the bottom left hand corner of Puerto Rico. I don’t know very much about my new companion. But anyways so after church we left at about 12:30.  We didn’t want to walk so we piled all four of us in the back of the car of them who took us home. But due to the sun of a guuIMG_3655[2]ing Festival, there was BALL GAME TRAFFIC.  Also Saturday night too but we literally took an hour to get home.  We got pretty close but we were in a traffic jam so we turned around.  Then we kept running into closed off roads and stuff like that.  WHAT A JOKE! It literally was like BYU Football game traffic.
          We would have arrived at home sooner walking. But this festival is some historically Catholic thing. It’s call the Festival de los Patronales or something. But yesterday there was like a a bike race and also a horse thing. There were horses tied up all around town. After church we visited Minerva. And we went to Hermana Milagros after that.  I am in the process of dowloading man many photos. But here’s the reaction when I discovered CHURRASCO and also I had some of my favorite things with it : Avacado, coke, tostones de pana.  Have a great week and wish me luck in the new area.

Elder Glazier


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