On Monday we went to Burger King and talked to a Jehovah’s Witness lady who was really nice and she gave us an apple and water. Tuesday we had Zone Conference which is always good. We are hearing a lot about our work with members.  It’s something that I need to improve because I have found so many people here in Cayey but it’s better if the members find the people and the missionaries teach.
      Wednesday we went and found this guy named Pedro who gave us orange soda.  We did a couple of services that day for some people. I didn’t do much but it’s alright.  I talked to one of the other Elders’ investigators.  I learned some new things about Cayey.  We got fed twice at those services too. I had a pretty good attitude cleaning up the sticks from the second service project probably due to the fact that I loved the attitude of Elder Perez. “Nunca diga que algo es dificil” and he was working hard with the machete.
      Thursday we found another guy named Raul.  We also taught Dellia and found out she has a problem with smoking.  On Friday we had an exchange so I went to Aibonito. Saturday was another rainy day.  We were walking along the road and a car drove by and splashed us. I only got some on my legs but it was still fun.
        Monica Puig won the first ever Gold medal for Puerto Rico.  She won the tennis. KAAL GET ON IT!  Sunday we went to church. Yesterday we had Preparation day and Elder Pineda’s birthday. We went to a member’s house and had a noche de hogar and food. MAN THERE WAS CHURRASCO I FINALLY DISCOVERED IT

CHURRASCO (puerto rican style) The Brazilians do it better……………..

Elder Glazier


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