The apartment 1000000000000 times better!

     On Monday, we went to a ward party.  This week Elder Perez and I cleaned like sons of guns.  Check out the pictures in Our apartment has to be one of the cleanest in the entire world for full time missionaries.  The accomplishments of the week in the cleaning realm go as follows: vaccuumed the room where we sleep, cleaned the fridge, cleaned on top of the cabinets, cleaned inside the microwave, washed and vacuumed the car, cleaned up leaves in the car port, scraped with a knife soap scum caked to the tub, cleaned the bathroom shelves, cleaned fans, cleaned mirrors, vaccumed under the stove and behind etc.  I may not be the best missionary but I surely help make r  the apartment 1000000000000 times better live in! 

I didn’t study for four days straight but the apartment is in casi mint condition. The senior couple missionaries brought us a new frying pan, a new drying rack for dishes, a new shower curtain.  In District meeting on Tuesday we had a good lesson on power and authority. We missionaries all have authority because we are set apart by our Stake President.   But power is dependent on certain things. One of those is being punctual. I knew about how we need to be on time but punctual also means to end when you say we’re going to end.  We got in contact again with our investigator Ernesto.  We went to Burger King and I got this nice little deal of a chicken sandwich combo for 2.50 then the employee for some reason gave us an extra drink which was really nice of him.  On Wednesday we found this guy named Victor. He has been married for 57 years which was cool.  We went home to take a break and I was upstairs drinking some juice when Victor Felix walks in and I didn’t do anything and scared the heck out of him.


I also saw something kind of funny. There was some kind of sign or something maybe a license plate or an advertisement but it had the names of like 3 or four Puerto Rican cities like Caguas, I can’t remember now but it was like Caguas, Ponce, Humacao and then radomly had Rooselvelt. I was like where in the world did they get roosevelt?? It is probably another place here but it was just funny that there was like three cities with Puerto Rican names and then they just toss in Roosevelt from Utah.  That same night we were like what do we do? So we decided to go where we had kind of planned but I told my companion, we are going to pray for a golden investigator and find them there in that place.  So I prayed and we went and my companion had said that nobody was going to receive us at that time of night. So the first like 5 houses he was right and I felt stupid and mad. Then the last house was an old investigator who hopefully we can make be a golden investigator.  We also met some new people up there yesterday!  Prayers get answered.  But my companion made me a suggestion that is working. He said to be more interested in the lives of the people rather than be concerned about what we have to share. It’s working well.  For the cleaning in the house we used Victor’s shop vac. Dad, thanks for the earplugs it makes a difference with those loud vacuums. On Thursday we put a Baptismal date with Dellia.  Elder Perez helped more with cleaning and also made me breakfast this week a lot. We also taught Minerva on Thursdaywith the Bishop. She’s been struggling lately as her son moved here and they had car problems and tires pop and stuff. But the lesson was good with her. We also met her son who is a less active member who was Baptized before her in Guayama. Minerva apparently had before talked to him about how she wanted to visit a church.  Her son said to go to the Mormon church because it’s good and she never went. But her son showed us his Baptism pictures and his line of authority.  On Friday we ate with members.  On Saturday, it was raining a lot. We got out late and didn’t get much done but we did have a great lesson with Dellia. We taught the plan of salvation and Hermana Milagros and her daughter came with us to teach. I used Aubrey’s cut outs again. I felt inspired to share Alma 40:23 and 2 Nephi 31:20 with her.  We didn’t see her in church but we are close. Thank you for your prayers for her and us.  Sunday we had church and ate again with members. There was SALAD and also delicious mashed potatoes and roast beef.

Elder Glazier




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