“Puedo acercarme?”


Well, this morning we cleaned up the house pretty well. We even got behind the dresser underneath.  On Tuesday we were contacting in a place and it was not receptive.  We also had an appointment fall with a member.  On Wednesday we found this awesome humble woman named Dellia.  We were contacting and we had just talked to this guy outside who was spraying weeds and helping Dellia.  After talking to him, I wasn’t sure to talk to her or not because I wasn’t sure if she was his wife.  We talked to her and sure enough she let us share.  We had a second lesson with her on Friday I think.  She’s having trouble with her daughter. We explained to her that trials actually help us become stronger and also that the Lord will help us.  We read second Nephi 2 with her.  It’s amazing that Lord helps us.  She’s a great investigator and we almost passed her up.  I have found that sometimes that you just barely make it sometimes but the Lord helps you find the people.

     On Wednesday we also had another lesson with Mirta and Juan.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and I used Aubrey’s cut out demonstration things.  Thanks Aubrey.  It was cool in that lesson we somehow got on the Topic of birthdays.  Juan’s birthday is March 30 a day after mine. Mirta’s birthday is August 14 which is Dad’s birthday.  My companion’s is the 15 of August.   So that little connection happened.

     On Thursday we were contacting in the rain and it was POURING.  We call this house and I’m like “Puedo acercarme?” and he just shewed us away. My companion was mad but I just laughed at what my companion did, his reaction.  We continued on and it was coming down hard and I like go to the front door of another house and I think I was laughing but then I noticed they were in the marquesina (it’s a carport).  It was like embarrassing but I just kept laughing.  As you know I have a unique sense of humor like for some reason once Dad said slick willie and I died laughing.

     Friday I had a good lunch apparently because I have that written in my notes.  Probably because I think that day was, a good cheesy chicken, tostones de pana, and black beans with rice.  We taught Dellia that lesson on Friday too. We went to the Church building to make and print off invitations for an activity that we are doing  on the 20th.

     On Saturday we went to the other municipio of our area where we hardly ever work.  It is Cidra and it lies to the North of Cayey.  A bunch of members live there.  So we went up there and contacted and didn’t really find anything but it was cool to see Cidra and the plaza.  It reminded me of the MTC contacting in the park.  Wow, a year makes a difference.  Saturday night we went to a BBQ.  I ate 3 or four pinchos which are cabobs of chicken.  I also bought some Avocados on Saturday.

     Sunday we had a busy day in church.  Fifth Sundays are “Domingo Misional” So this was my third time giving a talk in Cayey.  I spoke on gratitude.  The Sacrament meeting had some good hymn selections.  We sang Behold a royal army, and brightly beams our Father’s Mercy.  We four missionaries also taught the third our. I gave the members some ideas on where to start in the missionary work.  Like Nephi with the command to build a boat when he didn’t even have tools, we also are commanded to do missionary work. We hear it all the time.  But we can at least start with things like texts, pass along cards, prayers,IMG_3572[1] - Copy and reading Preach my Gospel.  We wore our suits all of us.  It POURED yesterday.  We left the house and before getting out of the neighborhood, we were already wet some.  We started walking back to the house and I just stopped the whole attempt to stay dry with the Walgreens umbrella and took advantage of the opportunity to get wet seeing as we don’t go to the beach.  I want you all to have a great week and please pray specifically that Juan, Mirta, and Dellia can come to church.

Elder Glazier


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