I’m EXTREMELY blessed


       More of the same this week.  Elder Pineda’s back is a little bit better and we actually went and contacted this week.  On Friday I worked with Elder Perez another Elder from Honduras.  It was kind of weird but felt good to be working after being in the house so much.  We taught a lesson on Wednesday to our Investigator Raquel and it was good.  I tried to follow the spirit and even though I didn’t do it perfectly I felt like the lesson was good and the spirit took the message unto her heart.  She reads the Book of Mormon which is great.  I’ve been praying for her and she is my little torch of hope right now seeing as we don’t have that many people progressing.  And we have been struggling to find more because my companion can’t really get out and call a lot of houses.  We do have some referrals which is good. Three are from members which is a great situation.  In fact tonight we want to go and teach with Minerva.

        Tuesday was transfer day and so I saw a bunch of missionaries.  I had another good day in church yesterday.  I am almost done with 1 Samuel.  I read about David and Goliath yesterday. I love the attitude of David. Kind of like “who is this filistine compared to the living God?  And he goes with faith and I also love the part when the filistines see their ringer die, they FLEE.  Oh just the picture of that in mind is awesome. Their best warrior dies and they’re like oh dang what do we do now RUN!   Anyways, the old testament is awesome.  I see a theme of how if the people have faith, they will have their enemies turned into them.  Their enemies will be delivered more like.  Well, It’s been helping me because I have been seeing all of these scriptures like “Subid y seran entregados en tus manos” and so I take that to be my call to go and say something to my companion like hey let’s go to work or just to not have fear to talk to him.

        Sunday is Pioneer day. I want to take this moment to thank all of my Pioneer heritage ancestors who walked across the plains.  Also a tribute to those who walked across Martin’s cove and those places IN SNOW.  I’m EXTREMELY blessed and don’t really have anything to complain about.  Thank you ancestors and also my Parents, Grandparents and others.

Elder Glazier


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